An exciting opportunity to contribute to the society of Armenia!

Our partner, RepatArmenia is now looking for Promotion Manager. This is a very exciting opportunity for you if you have the motivation to develop the society of Armenia by contributing to the welfare of people living there. The most benefit of this role is that you can feel that your work contributes to the society and is appreciated by other people.

This is a rare opportunity! Do not miss it out! The detail is below. Apply here.


Promotion Manager At RepatArmenia

TITLE:  Promotion Manager

TERM:  Full time


DURATION:  Long term

LOCATION:  Yerevan, Armenia

JOB DESCRIPTION:  Repat Armenia Foundation is seeking an enthusiastic candidate to take on the role of Promotion Manager.


– Responsible for leading Repat Armenia’s worldwide promotional activities

– Supervise site content and promote it through various channels including social media platforms

– Write press releases about Repat Armenia’s events /programs

– Maintain active communication with local and international/Diasporan organizations

– Organize visits/webinars with Diasporan communities

– Organize and coordinate (when necessary conduct) interviews with repatriates

– Coordinate RAF volunteer group’s work

– Network and maintain relations with both individuals and companies/organizations/foundations in Armenia and abroad

– Occasional translation/editing work

– Work in coordination with partners of RAF

– Conduct presentations and forums when necessary;

– Work in close contact and cooperation with other staff and volunteers at the foundation

– Manage and utilize Armenian Repatriates Network on Facebook

– Higher Education
– Experience in coordinating events;
– Fluency/Native in English and fluency in spoken Armenian, knowledge of Russian is a plus
– Computer literacy;
– Ability to work under pressure;
– Attention to detail and accuracy, highly organized;
– Excellent communication skills;
– Teamwork ability;
– Conflict and stress management skills.

APPLICATION PROCEDURES:  Those who meet the requirements mentioned above and are confident that their background and experience qualify them for the position, should e-mail a detailed CV to: , mentioning “Promotion Manager” in the subject line of the e-mail. Early applications are welcomed. Only short-listed candidates will be contacted.

RepatArmenia has become our official partner! We are very excited to collaborate together!

ArMania is announcing that RepatArmenia has become our new official partner.


RepatArmenia has been assisting the people outside of Armenia, who is interested in moving to, working in and even staying in Armenia with broad information and assisting packages. They are sharing our vision to promote Armenia to the rest of the world in order to develop Armenia and increase the opportunities for people in the nation.

ArMania will closely work with RepatArmenia by sharing upcoming events, news and information especially that may be interesting for those who want to know more abou Armenia. We recommend you to visit their website if you cannot find the information you are looking for on our website.

Being collaborating with RepatArmenia, ArMania is confident that you will be able to find almost every information that you want to find from the websites of RepatArmenia and ArMania.

Please visit there website here.

The Embassy of Armenia to Japan supports ArMania!

ArMania is very happy to announce that the “Embassy of Armenia to Japan” is supporting ArMania now.

Symbol of Armenia

The decision was made on that ArMania will proactively promote Armenia to the world as well as to Japanese in Japan. ArMania also often intends to collaborate with them some works in the future when both of us have the right timing.

The Embassy of Armenia is willing to get more Japanese people to know about Armenia and has been looking for a good channel to promote Armenia in Japan where its beauty and attraction can be more appealed to the people.

We appreciate their support and are looking forward to our collaboration in the future.

Their website can be visited from here.

ArMania will start collaboration with “Visit Armenia, It’s FUN”!

ArMania is very pleased to announce that we will start partnership with the facebook page called “Visit Armenia, It’s FUN”. “Visit Armenia, It’s FUN” is the largest facebook page that is introducing Armenia to the rest of the world regardless of the nationalities and even one of the largest facebook pages as an Armenia-related page. It is non-profit entity.

Visit Armenia

Both of us are sharing the objective to promote Armenia; “Visit Armenia, It’s FUN” (especially as a tourist destination) and ArMania  (as to get the world more interested in its country itself). We both believe that through the promotions, we will possibly bring a positive impact on the society to develop further.

As a result of this partnership, the contents of both ArMania and Visit Armenia, It’s FUN can be more informative and interesting!

Please visit its Facebook Page from here.


ArMania has published an extensive database about Armenia, “Armenia Guide”.

We are very pleased to announce that ArMania has published an extensive database of Armenia ranging from general information – demographic, geographical, culture – to something more specific – business, legal, professional services.

Armenia Monastery

This information can be found under the tab “Armenia Guide” on the main menu. If you have already had what you want to find out on your mind, simply go to the search box on the top menu on the top page and type a key word.

The search result will show you relevant information provided on our website.

We will keep working on improving our website and putting a lot more information about Armenia so that you will enjoy visiting our website more!


ArMania reached 15,000 fans on our facebook page! We will keep promoting Armenia to the world!

Thank you, the fans of ArMania! Our facebook page reached 15,000 today!

We launched our facebook page in the beginning of 2014 and are very proud of having alraedy 15,000 fans.

Our aim is to promote Armenia as well as increase opportunities for Armenians and communities in Armenia. It is grateful if you keep supporting us and promote our page to your friends and families!

We will keep working hard on publishing as much information about Armenia as possible including travel, food, Armenians, pop-culture and so on and you will be able to enjoy getting to know more about it by vising our official site and facebook page!

Thank you again!


Link to ArMania facebook page

Armenia ranked 4th! Eurovision 2014

The final round of Eurovision contest 2014 ended on 10th of May, 2014.

Austria won the contest while Armenia came 4th this time.

Good job to our representative singer, Aram MP3 and safe trip back to Armenia!

His performance can be viewed here.

Church / Monastery

Here are photos of beautiful churches and monasteries in Armenia. Feel free to use our photos for your personal purposes. Also, please request us if you are looking for photos of particular churches/monasteries in Armenia!


Tatev Monastery

Tatev Monastery 1 Tatev 2 Tatev 3 Tatev 4 Tatev 5 Tatev 6 Tatev 6 Tatev 7 Tatev 8 Tatev 9 Tatev 10









ArMania blog has started! ArMania members will write unparalleled articles about more personalized stories!

ArMania is now proudly announcing that our blog has been officially launched.

Ancient Observatory, Syunik Armenia

We will strive hard to provide insight of Armenia with the articles by our members who have very unique experiences in Armenia and even in other countries. It is undoubtedly the best source to gain some information which cannot be known unless you are “inside” Armenia! The topics would range from their daily life, local events, communities to economy and business.

We would probably randomly select the topic to write but make it very unique and only one in the world!

Please bookmark the following address if you want to keep being updated on Armenia and our activities!

ArMania Blog Link