ArMania has reached 20,000 fans on Facebook!

We are very proud of announcing that ArMania has raeched 20,000 fans on our Facebook Page. Since its launch in January, 2014, the members of ArMania have been very aggressively and proactively working on promoting Armenia. In May, this official website was launched and Armenia News Blog (our blog page) was launched later. In order to promote Armenia more and more to the rest of the world and get everybody in the world interested in Armenia, we will not stop our proactive work and rather will move forward more aggressively and creatively. Now, we are working on another project which will be announced publicly! It will help all people in other countries to reach Armenia and also help the people in Armenia to have more opportunities in the end. Sun Rise YerevanWe are looking forward to its launch very much. Our fans, please also look forward to the new project announce soon! ArMania