Levon – Skating to Freedom

Freedom! What is freedom for people? Many people have differnet opinions about it. One thinks it’s a financial freedom, the others thinks it’s making free decisions, next one thinks it’s living alone, etc. Yes! All these are freedoms. I also didn’t have a clear idea of freedom, but recently I’ve found out for myself. But before explaining my point of view, let me write about a man who is well known in whole Yerevan.




He is not a superstar, not a political figure, doesn’t work on TV, neither is celebrity, nor rich! As he calls himself, he is a free person. His name is Levon Abgaryan. He is a man who puts on his skates, turns on his earphones high on his music player and starts to skate all over the city. Yes! He doesn’t pay attention to anything, or anybody. He doesn’t care about the traffic, he doesn’t care what people think of him, or that people may think he’s nuts. Some people really think so, because he skates in the traffic so freely and is not scared at all. I myself have seen him a lot and every time I was like “ohhh my God, this car is gonna hit him”, “His gonna fall” “What is he doing? He’s nuts!”. But surprisingly and fortunately he’s alive and HAPPY! These are his words! He is a happy person.




Months ago nobody had an idea who he is, how does he live, what kind of job does he have, but as the interest to him around the whole population grew, some producers decided to shoot a video of him. This was the one and only time he spoke and told about himself. It turned out that he lives alone, doesn’t work at all and lives WITHOUT MONEY! This is what he told. He claims that he is a free spirit, he is free of this regime, his soul doesn’t know borders, he flies wherever his heart tell him to, he doesn’t need anything more to be happy, just freedom. And what is the most surprising, is that it turned out, that Levon has been living and working abroad, for a very long time and was a pretty wealthy person, but he left everything he had, money, power, luxury life and came to his hometown to live absolutely free of everything.


After his story, I think I’ve understood what is real freedom and independence. Yes, I think many people wouldn’t want that, but that’s because freedom is only for those who can handle it. Living independent, on your own and do not care about stereotypes, being able to refuse money and luxury and material comfort is for a brave and strong people. I’m personally not sure, could I live like that, but in one thing I’m pretty sure, I really do admire him. So here is a video, where Levon tells about his life, his values and his dreams and his freedom!