FUN FUN. A Trip with Schoolkids

The weekend was wonderful as always. I got an invitation to go for a short trip with the kids of first grade. I knew right from the beginning that it was going to be awesome. So, it was Saturday morning and the bus took out for the first destination, which was an old church in one of the villages in Ashtarak region, in Ohanavan. The village was called after the person who settled there and built the church. His name was Hovhannes and people would call him Ohan for short. And so the village was called Ohanavan (place of Ohan). Here the kids are singing Armenian church songs in foyer of the church.   2014-05-29 11.17.11 When they went in, their teachers started explaining to them how they should behave in the church, told them the story of this old church, how it was built. The kids were absolutely astonished how beautiful the church was and how people managed to built this beauty without using modern technologies. The next destination was the Valley of Letters. This is a unique place as there are all the letters of Armenian alphabet as big, stone monuments. All the kids were excited to see the letters they have just learnt and to take pictures with the first letters of their names. It was truly wonderful seeing all this little kids running around and looking for THE letter. 🙂 You can see the huge letters in the picture. 2014-05-29 12.41.40   Hope, you will have a chance to come to Armenia and see all these places by yourselves. 😉 Take care and love each other 😉 P.S. Thanks to this wonderful kids I got back to my childhood, when I first came to this valley with letters, when I was at first grade and was super excited for all of the field trips we were going to make. I remembered how I was running around and playing, simply having fun and enjoying whatever I was doing. Thank you little angels for the wonderful time spent with you. XOXO