A legend of 3 sisters /churches !

There is a legend about  3 sisters lived in Ashtarak. and they all  felt in love with the prince Sargis. There is not an exact data about the prince, but according to some researchers he might belong to Vaspurakan Royal Family.

Among all the other man they 3 have chosen the prince, but only one of them could become his wife. What a sad and unusual story. You might think that it was not a big deal, though  as the legend says their love brought to very tragic circumstances for all 3. the elder two sisters decided to end their life that hinder their sister’s happiness.   And they threw themselves into the Ashtarak gorge. One was wearing apricot color dress and the other wearing a red dress .  They have just excluded their candidature by suicide.

When the other sister found out, she  also threw herself  into the gorge.  She was wearing a  white dress.

Sargis then became a hermit.

After that three small churches appeared at the edge of the gorge, named after the sisters’ dress colours: the Karmravor Church (“Reddish” ) , Spitakavor (“Whitish”),  Tsiranavor ( “Apricotish “).

karmravor karmravor-1-1



Spitakavor_Church_of_Ashtarak tsiranavor (2) IMG_3246


ciranawor_01_large tsiranavor

The legend is a legend, but the churches exist nowadays, they are a product of armenian architecture and it is good to have a look at these small mysterious churches.

According to historical data Karmravor   was constructed around the 7th century, dedicated to the Holy Mother of God,  Tsiranavor    was  built between the 13th and 14th centuries and  Spitakavor  was built between the 5th and 6th centuries.