A Place You Choose to Be HAPPY at

You know how in our daily life, we come across small things, we don’t even notice. I used to be like that. But now I seem to pay more attention to small things around and why not get some positive energy from them. And I understood that it’s me who chooses to make this or that place a happy one for me.

For example, yesterday I was a guest at my uncle’s house and my little cousin showed me this “straw” which looked like glasses and it was so funny to drink from the cup while your drink goes around your eyes and around your neck and only then gets to your mouth. Have a look here 🙂


You know, this is nothing special, nothing big and extraordinary, but still it manages to give some positive vibes to a person. I definitely knew I was happy at least for that moment. ^_^

Or, the other day, I was walking out in the street when I saw this little cute parrot with the lady who owned it. The lady was from Georgia and she told me the parrot’s name was Jacko. I started calling him “Jacko, Jacko” and talked to him in Armenian, but the lady taught me a few words in Georgian and as soon as I started saying those words the parrot seemed to get more active and kind of “respond” to me.

So, this is my new little friend Jacko, please meet him 🙂

Isn’t he a cute little thing? I hope I will see him someday soon.

tutak1                         tutak2

Can you imagine how little things can actually affect your everyday life and help you live with more positive energy: little things like those “straw-glasses” or this cutie Jacko. And by the way, Armenia in general is full of this kind of small and positive things, you just need to be here, look at them and actually see them. It’s not only about looking, it’s also about seeing. So, Armenia can become a place where you would want and actually CAN be happy….