A story of one church /Armenian churches worldwide

I have always wondered of those parts of the world, which we had lived before and had to leave because of some historical circumstances.  It is always interesting to discover a piece of historical testimony in forgotten places, especially churches or ancient administrative buildings.

Armenian churches exist in every part of the world, where they live or have lived. They have unique architecture and unite Armenian communities.

One of those churches is Saint Gregory the Illuminator’s Church in Baku ,Azerbaijan. It was built in 1887  and had been  the main corner for the  worship for Baku’s Armenian community for many years.


This  Church was the only Armenian church that was not demolished  at 1920s throughout the Soviet Union.

In 1990 it was seriously damaged of an arson attack, but underwent renovation in 2004. After the Karabakh war it had been closed, for some period  had being used as a library, archive.


In  2010 the church was visited by guests of a World Religious Leaders Summit, including Armenian Apostolic Church Garegin 2. The Church of St. Gregory Illuminator is the only remaining Armenian church in Baku, all other Armenian churches were demolished in the 1990s.


Armenian_church_of_Saint_Gregory_the_Illuminator_in_Baku_4 ermeni_kilsesi_bakida03 st_gregory_the_illuminators_church_640x480_dwb st_gregory_the_illuminators_church_1024x768_1pl

Hope one day the church will be open and Christians of Baku will be able to worship there . Hope to visit it one day !!

Below is video of the Armenian church in Baku provided by RadioFreeEurope/RL’s Azerbaijani service.