222If you are interested in our project, there are many different ways to help our activities. Please contact us through the contact form below.


1. Become a volunteer

We are always looking for volunteers who can help our activities. We may ask you to write articles, take some photos, organize events and manage our projects with our ArMania staffs. You do not have to be in Armenia to help us! Please write you want to be a volunteer for ArMania.


2. Sponsor us

Please sponsor our business if you are interested. We are open to your offer to be our sponsor if you are interested in our business activities, visions, and missions. We will arrange an appropriate communication with you to discuss it further. Please indicate you are interested in us as a potential sponsor via contact form below.


3. Donate us

Please donate us to start or run our social development activities (not-for-profit activities) if you like our vision to help improve the living standards and conditions of people and societies of Armenia through social development projects. We need your support to holistically tackle the issues in Armenia.


Your total amount is : 20.00 (Currency: USD)


4. Become a partner with us

If you are interested in making a partnership with ArMania, we are very happy to hear from you. We would be able to have partnership with you for both business and social development (not-for-profit) projects. The ways of partnership can range from revenue share, co-branded website launch, advertisement, affiliate, collaborative organization of events/projects and more. Please contact us if you want to discuss with us for partnership. We are very happy to hear from you.


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