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Brief Description aims at promoting Armenia by introducing not only about tourism but also what people in other countries cannot see unless they are in Armenia in order to increase opportunities for the people and society in Armenia as a result.


In order to contribute to developing the society, encouraging people in need and increasing opportunities in Armenia, we decide to take actions of the following at first.

  • Promoting Armenia to the world

    ProTo share information of Armenia with fans (manias) of Armenia living in the rest of the world

  • Advertising Armenia related products & services

    To increase the awareness on Armenia by sharing information, products and services unknown to the rest of the world; in return, to make profits out of our services.

  • Increase fans

    To Increase the fans (manias) of Armenia to get the rest of the world know more about Armenia

  • Guide to people interested in Armenia

    To provide the people in Armenia or outside Armenia interested in visiting Armenia with unique services that help better their life and time in Armenia

  • E-Commerce Platform

    To provide a platform on which people inside and outside Armenia can buy unique products

  • Social Development Activities

    To Start not-for-profit activities (social development projects) as a part of or separate activities of us as a result of spillover from our business activities

  • Global Activities

    To impact the world as a global / international projects

Description is an international-project-based Armenia portal that report all about Armenia including travel, food, entertainment, news and even daily life of people living in the country.

We aim at increasing opportunities for the people and society in Armenia as a result of our activites. For the purpose, we firstly provide as much as information about Armenia on the internet, secondly implement unique services or activities that help people in Armenia enjoy their life / time in the country, thirdly provide online platform where people inside / outside Armenia can buy unique products, all of which in the end bring about profits for our business activities, opportunities for the people in the nation and chances for ArMania to implement social development (not-for-profit activities) as the spillover from the business activities. By having these two approaches (business & social development activities), we believe that we will be more effectively and holistically tackle the issues / problems embedded in the nation that hinders it from developing more.

ArMania is open to people with any nationalities and background as long as they like our vision and passion. It involves people from the countries other than Armenia. We are always happy to hear your voice if you are interested in!