Adventure in Noravank

Recently I visited my brother who serves in Armenian Armed Forces in Vayk region. After seeing  my brother me and my family decided to visit Noravank monastery. Last I have been there 7 years ago. Back then there was no automatic machine  which would shoot you on the background of monastery.  But this time to my great surprise there was this machine in the picture which would take your picture with the monastery.  And, what was also interesting, this time I saw much more tourists than ever before.


I decided to climb the narrow stairs which led to the second floor of the monastery. I finally got there. Everything was beautiful, I was admired the scenery and then the time came to climb down.  And oops, at that moment I discovered that I have an acrophobia. During these 7 years I have obtained a fear of height. Even after 30 minutes I was still there wondering how to get down. All the tourists, everyone around was trying to encourage me , but no way. I was not going down. But fortunately there  appeared an old Armenian grandpa, who came to visit Armenia form the USA. He told me that this monastery is 809 years old and during this  period no one has ever fallen from these stairs. I couldn’t be that unlucky to be the first. And you know, these words totally encouraged me and I slowly climbed down safe and sound.



Remember about the machine taking pictures? So, when I got there I knew I was to make a video with the help of that machine. But just imagine yourself. Wouldn’t you forget about that machine after the type of adventure I had up in the stairs.
Anyways, I promise next time I visit Noravank I will surely shoot a video for you. I advise everybody who visit Nravank to do the same !