AEON anticafe became my favorite place in Yerevan after Instacontest !

There are a lot of nice places and events to attend in Yerevan, but yesterday’s peaceful and kind atmosphere made me really feel happy and comfortable . Sometimes we need few things to feel all this and it was possible to create this being really motivated to do something important.

It’s not the first time that Aeon is involved in charitable event’s organization, they are always open to the staff which make all around happy . As I understood that’s what they really want to achieve. And they succeed 🙂

Lovely Manushak and Carine opening the exhibition !


So I was quite happy to attend  opening of the INSTACONTEST-2014 winning photographs exhibition-sale.It was my pleasure to meet non-professionals making very cool photos. And the idea of using instagram in this creative way is very welcomed. Many young people participated in this contest, but only 40 of them got the chance to be represented in the exhibition. As always Aeon was very original in transforming their photos into something interesting, so they’ve made the covers of CDs from this photos, which were represented at Aeon yesterday and will stay there for 2 weeks. The content of CD is a secret , so you don’t know what kind of CD is inside the beautiful covers, but as says Artyom /who was responsible for making them/ there is a very nice surprise for everyone inside them.Here are 2 photos from the Contest :


The aim of this exhibition-sale was to help four little children who have different health issues.You can visit the exhibition-sale during 2 weeks , knowing that it’s not just a nice CD waiting you there with a nice cover, but the money from the exhibition-sale will go to 4 children to help them overcome their health problem. 4 small angels who fight for their life in spite of playing outside and having fun.Follow this facebook page to know more about these children and of how to help them :

& the webpage :

Yesterday I’ve started believing  in the power of kindness and love which made possible to gain together for such kind of initiatives. It’s amazing to meet so many open minded and kind people ready to support in a difficult period. And the atmosphere was quite positive, full of hope and mutual support. Isn’t it wonderful ?

And during the evening we were just enjoying beautiful sings of Qarahunj folk-rock band. Very nice group ! In a moment I’ve discovered me singing with them lovely armenian traditional songs. Here they are , talented armenian musicians !


Keep smiling, it’s a wonderful summer ! Join us in upcoming events 🙂