Another great place you should visit!

 On the last Sunday, we visited Byurakan Astrophysical Observatory. We thought that besides scope and V. Hambardzumyan’s house-museum (the founder of the BAO), there won’t be anything significant, but we were dearly mistaken. 


The observatory was surrounded by green spaces where we saw a plenty of various trees, which were not typical for Armenia. We were told that during the construction of the observatory, those trees were brought to Armenia from abroad. We were happy to know that besides the scientific research, the observatory fulfills an informative activity as well as organizes excursions and lectures for amateurs. 


Doing an excursion in such place is more than wonderful. Apart from visiting the main scope and scientists’ offices, we were also brought to the residence of V. Hambardzumyan where he lived and worked. Besides implements and furniture、 there were also exhibited samples of meteorite, which interested us the most. In a word, we spent an awesome time in an awesome place full of positive energy and what is the most important is full of starts and romance. We will definitely return to Byurakan, next time maybe in autumn. They say autumn is particularly beautiful here.