ArMania will start collaboration with “Visit Armenia, It’s FUN”!

ArMania is very pleased to announce that we will start partnership with the facebook page called “Visit Armenia, It’s FUN”. “Visit Armenia, It’s FUN” is the largest facebook page that is introducing Armenia to the rest of the world regardless of the nationalities and even one of the largest facebook pages as an Armenia-related page. It is non-profit entity.

Visit Armenia

Both of us are sharing the objective to promote Armenia; “Visit Armenia, It’s FUN” (especially as a tourist destination) and ArMania  (as to get the world more interested in its country itself). We both believe that through the promotions, we will possibly bring a positive impact on the society to develop further.

As a result of this partnership, the contents of both ArMania and Visit Armenia, It’s FUN can be more informative and interesting!

Please visit its Facebook Page from here.