Armenia ≒the real version of Dragon Quest?

Hi guys!

How is everything going with you mate? Is there anything particular this week? I got so drunk today actually because of a party tonight (you know today is Friday!). So, please forgive me if I make disorganized structure of my blog article today. Today, let me write about how I think or express about Armenia as nation actually as a foreigner.

Dragon Quest 3

Well, briefly speaking when I always introduce Armenia to Japanese people, I usually say it is the country of the real version of Dragon Quest. Have you actually heard of Dragon Quest or played it in your life? Dragon quest is a computer game which became very popular in Japan as well as in some other countries. It is role-playing-game of kind of medieval time where you, as the main character, leave for a journey to save the world (by beating the evil). So, it is kind of very orthodox story of fantasy.

Now, probably some of you guys think why I am thinking that Armenia is a country of the real version of Dragon Quest. Ok, actually I think that the world of Dragon Quest is based on the medieval time Europe where there are a lot of castles, monasteries, churches, towns, villages and the nature without any artificial involvement. For example, please take a look the image below.

Dragon Quest 1


Dragon Quest 2


Don’t you think that the above photos resemble some photos of Armenia?

For example,

Armenia landscape5Goshavank 4What do you think?

Yeah, probably some people have different opinions and if you do not get it by now, it is fine. I’m gonna have to stay sorry. But, if you get it, you would probably understand why I usually tell people that Armenia is the real version of Dragon Quest right?

Well, in my opinion (this can be reflected as a very silly opinion), if Armenia can be promoted to the rest of the world especially Asian countries where many people have experienced in playing Dragon Quest when they were young, they would more likely remember Armenia and would be more interested in vising the country which would be reflected on their eyes as a sort of mysterious country in which they would be able to experience what they really wanted in their childhood while they were playing Dragon Quest.

Tatev 6

Actually, I may be going to start promoting Armenia in that way in the future when I have enough capital to start it and some other Asian countries have more income to spend on something for their pastime. So, by then, I would probably have to start making plans!

I want to ask you guys especially if you are Armenian about that idea. Simply asking, “What do you think”??? You can always contact us if you want. Let me know!


That is it for today!