Hotels. A wide variety of hotel services are available across the country, ranging from vintage retreats in rural areas to five-star international chains in Yerevan. Room prices are considerably higher in Yerevan (costing around AMD 30, 000 ($75 USD), while a similar room in the other areas might cost AMD 15,000 ($38 USD) or AMD 20,000 ($50 USD). Top-rated hotels cost up to AMD 60,000 ($150 USD) or more. There are also a few excellent boutique hotels in Armenia.

Resorts. Hotels are available in such resort areas as Dilijan, Tsaghkadzor, Jermuk and Lake Sevan.

B&Bs. Private apartments and homes occupied by a local family make rooms available for guests on a budget. Local tourist offices keep updated lists of B&Bs. Prices average AMD 5,000 ($13 USD) to AMD 7,000 ($18 USD) per person. Renting an apartment is in fact common practice among visitors to Yerevan. Prices peak between June and October. Singlebedroom apartments rent for about AMD 15,000 ($38 USD) per day.

Prices in more central locations run approximately AMD 25,000 ($63 USD) a day for a two or three-bedroom apartment. Three or four-bedroom renovated apartments or houses rent for AMD 40,000 ($100 USD) a day. Rentals can be accessed through travel agencies, which frequently arrange apartments, as well as through specialists for standard and luxury apartments.

In Yerevan, the peak season runs from June through July. During other months, it is helpful to book a room ahead. Discounts are usually available during the low season (November to March). For more information on accommodations in Armenia, visit here.

*Acknowledgement – this content is provided from Investment Guide Armenia 2013 upon approval. – Full report here