To enter Armenia, the citizens of foreign countries must have valid passport, entry visa or a document of residency status. Foreign visitors for whom a visa-free regime is in effect can stay in Armenia for up to 180 days during one year, unless defined otherwise by the international treaty. Foreign visitors transiting through Armenia need to present tickets to a third country or a visa to a third country, and can stay in Armenia for no more than 72 hours except in cases of emergency. Foreigners are allowed to stay in the Transit Zone for a maximum of 48 hours if not entering the country, except in cases of emergency. Foreigners traveling through Armenia by land can obtain transit visas without tickets or visas of a third country. The types of Armenian visas are:

  • visitor visa
  • official visa
  • diplomatic visa
  • transit visa

Visitors can get a visa upon arrival at Zvartnots International Airport. The documentation process takes about 20-25 minutes. E-visas are also available for foreign citizens ( Generally, e-visas are approved and issued on line within two business days. The following credit cards to pay for e-visas are accepted:

  • American Express
  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • Diner’s Club / Carte Blanche

Armenian visas are issued for maximum of 120 days with possibility to extend for another 60 days, if no other term is defined by international agreement. Citizens of a number of countries enjoy a non-visa regime on certain categories of passports. Visitors from these countries can obtain an Armenian visa only upon invitation and only at the diplomatic representation of consular offices in Armenia. However, no invitation is required for the citizens of such countries who are of Armenian nationality, or citizens of countries not mentioned on the list. For more details, please, visit “Visa” subsection of “Consular service” section of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Armenia official website:

Armenia defines the following residence categories for foreigners:

• Temporary residence status. Temporary residence status is granted to any foreigner who substantiates the circumstances justifying his or her residence in Armenia for a year or longer. Temporary residence status is granted for a term of up to one year with possibility of extension for one year each time.

• Permanent residence status. This is granted for a term of five years with possibility of extension for the same term each time. Applications for obtaining temporary or permanent residence status are to be filed with Armenian police.

 Special residence status, granted for a period of ten years, is available to foreigners of Armenian origin. This visa status may also be granted to other foreigners who carry out economic or cultural activities in the country. This type of visa is renewable. Applications for obtaining special residence status are to be filed with Armenian police, and if made in a foreign country, it may be filed with the Armenian diplomatic representation or consular office.

The President of Armenia has final authority on granting or refusing special residence status. Decisions are final and not subject to appeal. State duty is levied for granting residence status to foreigners in the amount of AMD 105,000 ($263 USD) for temporary residence status, AMD 140,000 ($350 USD) for permanent residence status, and AMD 150,000 ($375 USD) for special residence status.



*Acknowledgement – this content is provided from Investment Guide Armenia 2013 upon approval. – Full report here