The law “On Licensing” provides for two types of licenses: Simple and compound (automatic and non-automatic). The simple license is issued within three days upon submission of application documents and does not require the approval of the licensing commission.

Compound licenses are issued within 30 days after submission of documents, and may only be issued by a licensing commission. A list of activities subject to licensing is provided in Chapter VII of the licensing law. Licenses are issued by a number of government agencies.

Currently only 96 types of activities are subject to licensing, 12 of which are subject to simple licensing, and the other 84 to compound licensing procedure. Licenses can now be obtained on line through a new electronic system at (

Armenia has carried out significant reforms to simplify requirements and procedures to obtain permits. Among the most important beneficiaries of the reform is the construction industry, where issuance of permits was streamlined by simplifying procedures, and costs to obtain them significantly reduced. Currently construction permits are provided within 27 days, as opposed to the 137 days required before simplification reforms were introduced.


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