The Industrial Council was established to serve as the supreme coordinating body for the coordination of Armenia’s industrial policy, and coordinate the operation of other relevant public bodies for that purpose.

The Council is chaired by the Prime Minister. Members of the Council are the Ministers of Economy, Finance, Agriculture, Chief Adviser to the President, Head of State Revenue Committee, Adviser to the Prime Minister, Head of National Assembly Standing Committee on Finance and Budget, Deputy Head of National Assembly Standing Committee on Finance and Budget, Member of the National Assembly Standing Committee on Economic Affairs, Director of the Armenian Development Agency, Chairman of the Armenian Manufacturers and Entrepreneurs (Employers) Union, President of the Armenian Trade and Industry Chamber, as well as representatives of international donor organizations, business unions and associations. The Council also invites five business community representatives on rotational basis. The Secretariat of the Council coordinates the Industry Policy Department of the Ministry of Economy.

The principal tasks of the Council are:

  • to discuss and approve the Industrial policy strategy
  • to discuss and approve sectoral development strategies
  • to discuss the proposals made by public bodies, sectoral councils and other interested parties to implement measures defined in the strategy
  • to discuss and approve reports on strategy implementation, and to discuss and approve industry-specific strategic implementation programs.


Phone: (374 10) 593175


Address: 5 Mher Mkrtchyan, 0010, Yerevan, Armenia



*Acknowledgement – this content is provided from Investment Guide Armenia 2013 upon approval. – Full report here