Health Care System

Armenia’s health care system features three principal components: the national or “republican” service level, […]


Armenia’s 3.3 million population breaks down ethnically as Armenian 97.9%, Yezidi 1.3%, Russian 0.5%, other 0. […]


Household incomes, expenditures, and basic food consumption in Armenian households during the 2008-10 period a […]

Macroeconomic Overview

Armenia was ranked first among CIS and CEE countries in GDP per-capita growth rates from 2000 to 2008. Growth […]

Ancient and Recent History

Armenia’s origins re colorfully illustrated in legend. One tells of Hayk, the great-great grandson of No […]

Culture and Holidays

Armenia’s cultural traditions are extraordinarily rich and diverse. In fact the country is often called […]


The Republic of Armenia is a sovereign, democratic, welfare state, governed by the rule of law, and founded on […]

International Organizations

Since independence in 1991, Armenia has become a member of more than 40 international organizations. These inc […]


Armenia, traditionally a way station along the Great Silk Road, is located at the historic crossroads of Asia […]

Social Safety Network and Social Protection System

Labour Code Armenia is a full member of the International Labour Organization. The Labour Code complies with i […]