Household incomes, expenditures, and basic food consumption in Armenian households during the 2008-10 period are shown in Figure 1 below. These results emerge from Integrated Household Surveys, illustrating household income by source.

Figure 1 Armenia

We have included the 1st and 10th deciles of the population for comparison purposes. Total consumption expenditures are defined as expenditures on food products, and all services. The structure of consumption expenditures in 2010 is presented in Figure 2.

Figure 2 Armenia

Available data suggest that food constitutes approximately 52% of consumption spending. As we might expect, and as illustrated in the figures, the total percentage of food expenditures was greater for 1st-decile households than for 10th-decile households.

Also as might be expected, households in the 10th decile used more services and purchased more non-food products compared to households in the 1st decile.



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