A story of one church /Armenian churches worldwide

I have always wondered of those parts of the world, which we had lived before and had to leave because of some historical circumstances.  It is always interesting to discover a piece of historical testimony in forgotten places, especially churches or ancient administrative buildings.

Armenian churches exist in every part of the world, where they live or have lived. They have unique architecture and unite Armenian communities.

One of those churches is Saint Gregory the Illuminator’s Church in Baku ,Azerbaijan. It was built in 1887  and had been  the main corner for the  worship for Baku’s Armenian community for many years.


This  Church was the only Armenian church that was not demolished  at 1920s throughout the Soviet Union.

In 1990 it was seriously damaged of an arson attack, but underwent renovation in 2004. After the Karabakh war it had been closed, for some period  had being used as a library, archive.


In  2010 the church was visited by guests of a World Religious Leaders Summit, including Armenian Apostolic Church Garegin 2. The Church of St. Gregory Illuminator is the only remaining Armenian church in Baku, all other Armenian churches were demolished in the 1990s.


Armenian_church_of_Saint_Gregory_the_Illuminator_in_Baku_4 ermeni_kilsesi_bakida03 st_gregory_the_illuminators_church_640x480_dwb st_gregory_the_illuminators_church_1024x768_1pl

Hope one day the church will be open and Christians of Baku will be able to worship there . Hope to visit it one day !!

Below is video of the Armenian church in Baku provided by RadioFreeEurope/RL’s Azerbaijani service.


Yerevan’s 2796 Birthday

#ErebuniEVN2014 this is the official hash-tag for the celebrations dedicated to the birthday of Yerevan. We start celebrating Yerevan’s birthday every year on October 10 and the celebration usually lasts a few more days. Thousands and thousands of people go out in the streets to celebrate the birthday of their hometown. There is always a lot of fun stuff going around the city, numerous concerts, dance festivals, events for people of all ages… Here is the list of events for the coming two days;


 The area adjacent to «Erebouni» historical and archaeological reserve-museum-Erebouni street

  • 14.00 Exhibition of the folk artworks, national costumes, cuisine
  • 15.00 National games
  • 16.00 Concert “Yerevan of young musicians”
  • 16.30 Competition of rope-walkers
  • 17.00 Concert of national and folk music
  • 19.00 Conert-program «There is a festival in Yerevan…»


  • 10.00 Flashmob-parade of water sprinkling trucks along the streets of Yerevan
  • 10.30 Yerevan-ART stage /Saryan park/
  • 11.00 Flashmob-washing of the monuments of Yerevan
  • 12.00 “Yerevan sketches” exposition of urban development projects /nearby the monument to architect Tamanyan/
  • 13.00 Open-air exhibition of children & youth works /nearby the national center of aesthetics after Henrikh Igityan, Abovyan 13/
  • 14.00 Festive parade /from the Municipality of Yerevan to Republic square/
  • 14.30 Marathon race of 2796 m /from Matenadaran along Sayat-Nova, Abovyan street to Republic square/
  • 15.00 Choreographic show “My old and new Yerevan” /Republic square/
  • 15.00 “Yerevan for children” – Children’s festive stage /puppet shows, entertaining games, clowns, conjurers, fairytale heroes, etc./ Children’s park after Kirov/
  • 15.00 Students’ stage /Conservatoire park/
  • 15.00 “Festive stroll” theatrical-ballet performance/Northern avenue/
  • 15.00 “Sportive Yerevan” sport-show / Azatutyan-Freedom square /
  • 15.00 “Three phases of time” photography pavilions /The service entrance to the National Academic Theater of Opera and Ballet/
  • 15.30 “Peoples of the world greet you” stage /Performances of national minorities living in Yerevan & ethnic ensembles /Stepan Shahumyan square/
  • 15.30 Concert of national and folk music /Crossroad of Mashtots-Buzand streets/
  • 15.30 “Yerevan games” competitions of Yerevan yard games /English park, nearby to the Sundukyan theatre/
  • 15.30 “Yerevan singing” karaoke-stage /Ch. Aznavour square/
  • 16.00 Windsurfing show /Swan’s Lake/
  • 16.30 Cycling races /Argishti street-Italy street- Nalbandyan street-Sayat Nova avenue- Mashtots avenue-Isakov avenue up to Yerevan cycle track/
  • 17.00 Chess tournament with famous chess players/Ch. Aznavour square/
  • 17.00 “Yerevan dance” national dance stage / Azatutyan-Freedom square/
  • 17.00 Classical music stage /Conservatoire square/
  • 17.30 Pop concert / Stepan Shahumyan square/
  • 18.00 Jazz concert stage /Cascade complex, Cafesjian Center for the Arts/
  • 18.30 Bard singers stage /Moskovyan park/
  • 19.30 “Yerevan – my home” Gala-concert /Republic square/
  • 20.00 “Yerevan Rocks” rock-concert /Azatutyan-Freedom square/
  • 22.00 Youth disco /Republic square/


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Colors of Armenia: Minas Avetisyan

Set High in Mountains Armenia is a land of rocks and Sun. It is hard to imagine this country without ever visiting it, however I am one of those who believes that anybody can learn a lot about a country by simply listening to the music of the land, and looking at its art. I will try to write every now and then about notable Armenian composers, artists, musicians and most importantly its people. This page will be devoted to what Armenia is for me. Today I would like to talk about one of the most famous Armenian artists Minas Avetisyan. Minas traveled widely around Armenia and studied ancient Armenian monuments, Armenian miniature and the works of great Armenian Artists. Born in Jajur, Minas saw the world surrounding him in raw colors, his art is bright, vivid and sharp. In his pictures sun is everywhere as in every corner of this sunny bright land. Avetisyan received acclaim as an artist at the “Exhibition of Five” in Yerevan (1962).

A self portrait of the artist, in the background: his village of birth Jajur.

A self portrait of the artist, in the background: his village of birth Jajur.

In this canvas he has portrayed his mother Him and his beloved wife sitting next to each other. This is a family portrait which is exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art in Yerevan.

In this canvas he has portrayed his mother Him and his beloved wife sitting next to each other. This is a family portrait which is exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art in Yerevan.

One of the artists most recognized pictures of his village Jajur, the picture is exhibited at the Modern Art Museum and if you like the picture you can find many nice copies of it in Vernisaj (Weekend Market).

One of the artists most recognized pictures of his village Jajur, the picture is exhibited at the Modern Art Museum and if you like the picture you can find many nice copies of it in Vernisaj (Weekend Market).

In 1975, Minas Avetisyan died after being caught under the wheel of the car, many claim that his death was not an accident, however what happened on the February the 24 1975 will remain a mystery.. One can experience the art of Minas Avetisyan in several museums in Armenia, two of which are the National Museum and the Museum of Contemporary arts in Yerevan, Armenia.

Youth and Universities

Universities play huge role in the life of the city. In Yerevan there are several of them. And they are all basically situated in downtown Yerevan; Yerevan State University, Yerevan Brusov State University of Languages and Social Sciences, Armenian State University of Economics, and three more of them, not even considering the number of private universities located in Yerevan. These universities of course add some of their own touch to the city Yerevan- like rush hours in the Metro stations, one in the morning and one around two o’clock when the classes usually end in the universities (btw all of them are close to Metro stations).

One of the university which is pretty famous is the Yerevan Brusov University of Languages and Social Sciences. It is known also as Brusov University for short.It is not a very big one, with about 4000 students, but it is still very famous. Especially young boys like this university as it is known for its great number of young and beautiful girls. Whenever you pass by there is always a crowd of boys standing in front of the entrance to the building. Sometimes it can get irritating. 😀

This University is actually my alma-mater. I have done my BA here and now am doing my MA here again. The academic staff is of very high quality, we have professors who work in different offices of Armenian Government, we have professors who are famous in their field of the profession. To be more precise, here, in this University you can get high quality education, if you are willing to. But of course, there are things that go with the education and knowledge. The Student Life, which is organized by the Student Council.

By the way, there are a great number of international students studying here. Only in my group we have two girls from Iran and a girl from Georgia. SO, here you will get an opportunity to meet people from other countries.

I always believe that the youth is the future of the country. And universities are where the youth gets his experience and education.

Love your alma-mater 😉

Berlin Art Hotel, Gyumri

Berlin Art Hotel 1

Berlin Art Hotel is a very unique hotel located only 1 minute away from Victory Park in the center of Gyumri city as well as surrounded by various restaurants, museums ancient churches and the market. What makes this hotel very unique from other hotels is that the hotel exhibits an art gallery as the name implies. The collection consists of paintings and sculptures made by local artists in Armenia and its town, Gyumri. Therefore, it turns to be a very nice hotel for art-lovers and guests can enjoy learning about the Armenian art without visiting an art museum.

Berlin Art Hotel 2

In the restaurant on site of the hotel, are served Armenian cuisine that services selection of dishes with meat and also for vegetarians. You can select either enjoy the Armenian dishes at the restaurant or eating out at one of the restaurants around the hotel.

Berlin Art Hotel 3

As facilities, there are free Wi-Fi inside the hotel, meeting facilities, a garden, a lunge and even a library. You can also request room service and maid service if you wish. The rooms are also comfortably arranged as all are equipped with a flat-screen satellite TV, desk and other necessary facilities and items. In addition, this hotel would be a good option especially if you plan to actively explore the city throughout a day because first of all, the front desk provides 24 hour service, secondly excursion in the Shirak region can be provided by the hotel upon your request and thirdly other tours such as cultural and sports tour can also be arranged if you want.

Berlin Art Hotel 4

15 minute away from the hotel on foot is located Gyumri Train Station as well as 7 km away is found Shirak International Airport.


You can book this hotel here.

Church / Monastery

Here are photos of beautiful churches and monasteries in Armenia. Feel free to use our photos for your personal purposes. Also, please request us if you are looking for photos of particular churches/monasteries in Armenia!


Tatev Monastery

Tatev Monastery 1 Tatev 2 Tatev 3 Tatev 4 Tatev 5 Tatev 6 Tatev 6 Tatev 7 Tatev 8 Tatev 9 Tatev 10










We have taken a lot of photos in towns in Armenia. You can find the photos that you want to use for your personal purposes here. Please feel free to use them! Also, please request us if you are looking for particular photos.



Yerevan Street Yerevan Street 2 IMG_8633 Yerevan street 3 Yerevan street4 Yerevan street 5 Yerevan restaurant1 Yerevan Northern Avenue Yerevan street 6 Yerevan street 5 Yerevan Yerevan 1 Yerevan rainy Yerevan restaurant 2 Yerevan Northern Avenue 2 Yerevan Cafe Yerevan cafe 2 Armenians in Yerevan Republic Square Republic Square 2 Republic Square 3 Night yerevan Night yerevan Republic Square 7 Republic Square6 Republic Square 6 Republic Square 5 Republic Square 4 Cascade yerevan 3 Cascade Yerevan Yerevan Opera House Cascade Yerevan 2 Night Yerevan Night Yerevan Yerevan 10 Yerevan 11 View of Yerevan Cascade Yerevan Cascade yerevan 2 Yerevan overview 2 Cascade Yerevan Center Yerevan Yerevan 14 IMG_8435 Cascade yerevan Cascade yerevan View of Yerevan from Cascade Yerevan street 6 Yerevan view Yerevan bridge Yerevan view 2 IMG_8396 IMG_8376 Yerevan Yerevan Opera House 3 IMG_0614 Yerevan bus Yerevan city Yerevan Opera House


Please feel free to use our free photos of the nature in Armenia! Please request us if you are looking for particular photos!

Lake Sevan

Lake Sevan 1 Lake Sevan 2 Lake Sevan 3

Lake SevanLake Sevan






Armenia landscape 1 Armenia Landscape 5 Armenia landscape 3 Armenia landscape 4 Armenia Landscape 2 Armenia landscape 6