My 2nd day in Armenia 2014: Awesome places!

After the wedding party yesterday, I visited some great places on the second day during my stay in Armenia, 2014. Have you actually visited some great sites in Armenia? What is your most recommended place to visit from your experience?

So, on the second day, I left my wife’s parents’ place in Armenia with my brother in law and his wife around 9am to meet a friend of mine who is working in a travel company. Unfortunately, it was a cloudy day and forecasted to be rainy later. Also, it was a bit cold.

We arrived at Khachaturian statue located in front of the opera house in Yerevan at 9:30am and met my friend there. Maybe it was due to morning or because the season was approaching to winter season (late October), there were few people walking on the street.

Then, we went to my friend’s office and waited for another staff to join us. The staff turned to be actually our guide on that day. She sounded very nice and professional as a tourist guide. After she came to the office, we finally started the tour by car.

It was almost 2 years since I had had a tour in Armenia in 2012 when I visited there with my father. The moment we were driving on the street which came out of the town of Yerevan, I felt kind of nostalgic. The land around us already became brown as almost all trees and grasses turned to be brown, which was a sign that winter is coming soon.

The first place we visited was a small town called “Ashtarak”. Actually, I became a fan of this town and personally thought it was more attractive than Yerevan because there are a lot more trees and it showed a more real Armenia which is less influenced with Soviet style/culture. In the town, we went to several churches (I forgot their names so please only enjoy by looking at the photos). After the churches, we took a walk to explore the town on foot. The narrow ways between houses were really different from the atmosphere of Yerevan, giving me the impression that it was something very warm.

P1000339P1000342 - コピー P1000343 P1000347P1000353P1000356P1000362

Then, we visited Byurakan, an observatory located in Aragatsotn. The observatory has been used by astronomers locally and even from other countries too. Actually, the observatory itself may be not very interesting for most of tourists unless you are very enthusiastic to astronomy. Yet, the land around it is spectacular. So, I enjoyed walking in the field of the observatory with our companions but felt so boring especially while I was being given a lecture about stars and the history of observatory especially because most of the information was something I had already encountered on TV in Japan.

P1000392 P1000398 P1000402

After we almost spent 2 hours there (it was killing me! Unfortunately…), we headed to a restaurant located in Mt. Aragats for lunch. We drove the car along the carved rocky road leading to the top of the mountain. On the way to the top of the mountain, we came across magnificently solemn views in which I felt the greatness of the nature. Cloud was being generated as we moved forward on the street and chased after us becoming larger and larger. The view was so amazing and powerful that I would not be able to see the same scenery in my life again. (You can see it in the photos below).

P1000407 P1000410 P1000418 P1000426

However, actually, when we climbed up the mountain to a certain level. We found out that the road started to be covered by the ice so that it would be too risky to move forward on the way. When I went out the door, I felt so freezing actually. It was maybe under 0 degree outside. So, unluckily we decided to go back to descend the mountain as we all did not want to die on the day! As a result, I could not try Hash (an Armenian soup usually eaten in the winter to warm up) although it was my favorite dish in Armenia.

We then headed to Amberd which is a fortress of Armenia that shows how powerful and strong Armenia was in ancient time. The way to Amber was very mountainous where there are lots of up and down with lots of curves. But after the way, Amberd came into my site standing powerful even in distance.

P1000427 - コピー

I realized that Amberd is really huge in size when I arrived in front of the structure. It is all made of huge stones. Many parts of the structure were destroyed but this condition seemed to strengthen the impression of fantasy (it is really one of the structures which you may imagine in the story of fantasy). It was almost 3pm when we reached there but did not have lunch yet. So, we decided to take a short excursion in Amberd (Amberd consists of relatively large area and slope at high sea level so that it is tiring actually to explore all of Amberd) and then have lunch later in one of the small shops at the site.

P1000438 P1000449 P1000450

The lunch we ate was very simple one which was made with baked potato and salad. So, it was not something we really could enjoy the taste but we anyway could take a rest and gained some more energy to continue our trip.

By driving a car for another 30-40 minutes, then we arrived at the site of Armenian letters which is a place most tourists would be taken to especially they visited Armenia for the first time.

Then, we went to Saghmosavank. It started to rain a little bit when we got there and it became much colder. Saghmosavank was put on the list of my favorite places when I saw it in my eyes. What was astonishing was the combination between the monastery and the nature and landscape around there. The landscape is very harsh with very deep and steep cliff which seems very dangerous really if you try to reach the edge of it. In addition, on the other side of the cliff can be seen a mountain. These combination make the site really worth visiting showing the power and beauty of the Armenian nature with its history.

P1000461 P1000462 P1000463 P1000472

We left the place around 6pm and arrived in Yerevan at 7pm on that day. We dismissed and my brother in law left for home with his wife while I stayed in the city to see the members of ArMania to take them to a Japanese restaurant to let them taste the dishes. We had very good time for dinner of course.


It was very long day in the end with many things I newly discovered in Armenia. You can enjoy some photos from the day below. I really recommend you to visit some of the places I visited this time.

Being Awesome and Creative in Armenia

Armenia is a home for smart and creative ideas, the source of motivation and action, a place which naturally inspires for better circumstances and developments….

We always criticize our conditions, but if we look from a side , we might notice a lot of opportunities, new horizons. Our history is the the greatest witness of this. Just look back and see what we have passed through : Kingdoms’ destruction, loss of territories,revolutions, wars, genocide, earthquake..and thanks to God now we live in Independent Armenia . Isn’t it awesome?


But let me tell you about the other awesomeness 😉

Many of us know and are aware of international social projects, founds/ foundations which promote mutual support, autonomy, creative approaches in helping. There are so many beautiful initiatives which are also actively working in Armenia. One of these creative initiatives is the Awesome Foundation.


Since its  beginnings on 2009 in Boston, the Awesome Foundation has promoted sustainable worldwide ecosystem of awesomeness. Projects of the Foundation have included efforts in areas of technology, arts, social good, and beyond.

The awesomeness of Awesome Foundation is real in Armenia too. There is a group of brilliant change-makers who support the idea and activities in our land. It’s already a year that Armenian brench provides 1000 $ for the realisation of new and creative ideas in support of better changes in our society. Among these initiatives, supported by Yerevan brench, are the projects of ” Kite day”, “The mini festival of graffiti in Artsakh”, “Garbage yesterday – a souvenir today!”, “Guerrilla Gardening”, “Kind Refrigerator for Leftovers”, “ticcson bikes”, “Notable Science”, “Who Bought Yerevan in 1264?”, “Manufactory “,”Girls basketball team in Nerkin Karmiraghbyur”, “Public piano under the open sky”,  ”Before I die”‘ Wall, “public display / promotion of Ye Symbol  ”  /to know more about these projects you can visit :   /

940x470# (1) 940x470# (2) 940x470# (3) 940x470# (4) 940x470# (5) 940x470# (6) 940x470# (7) 940x470# (8)940x470# 10421615_777532528963491_1835136873306318817_n view_unnamed

But my favorite on from these projects is the Kind Refrigerator for Leftovers”.

By the help of Foundation’s support the initiator of the project Marine Petrosyan obtained a fridge, which is installed at AEON anticafe. The refrigerator is placed there for collecting leftovers from big restaurants, cafes, bars, pubs, supermarkets and individuals for later delivery to the needy families . The logos of the supporting restaurants, supermarkets, cafes and pubs are also placed on the refrigerator showing the support and willingness of being a part of this awesome project. As says Marine “By doing this we will reduce the amount of quite normal food that is usually being recycled, we will create a new food culture in Yerevan and help people in need.” 

The idea is really very nice, it’s eco-friendly and aims to support people in need. So if you feel close to this idea, just feel free to join it and become a light for many people. A country is unique not because of it nature , but mostly for it’s people. It’s the people who create a culture, architecture, who keep the nature, make the stay there interesting: make it alive. And is in our culture it is used to be shoulder to shoulder in difficult situations, supporting and helping each other. It would be very exciting even for a foreigner to become a part of this big family where every member cares for the other family members.


Armenia is not just a beautiful place to visit, but a way of feeling, there is something special in the air here.

SAKURADA – New Japanese Restaurant in Yerevan

I remember when I was a child there were not so many restaurants in Yerevan. To be more precise, there were, but they mainly served Armenian food, and were more meant to provide entertainment rather than culinary experience. However, in recent years the number of cafes and restaurants has grown, and now you can try Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Italian, French, Mexican and other cuisines.

Sakurada 1

As I am a big fan of Asian food, I never miss my chance to try delicious Japanese or Chinese food. Recently I went to a newly opened Japanese restaurant called Sakurada. It’s on the intersection of Nalbandyan and Tumanyan streets, not so far away from the Republic Square. When I entered the restaurant, I was pleasantly surprised to see that Mr. Sakurada, the owner and chef of the restaurant, and his Armenian staff were all dressed in yukatas (casual summer kimonos), and the interior was decorated in Japanese style. Although there are quite many Japanese restaurants in Yerevan, I can say without hesitation that Sakurada is the most authentic one, as it has a Japanese chef who uses ingredients imported directly from Japan. The place serves mainly UDON, thick wheat flour noodles. By the way, those are homemade noodles, prepared by Mr. Sakurada himself. Here you can try Udon with tempura, curry sauce, chicken, etc., as well as Japanese style curry and rice, karaage (the most delicious deep-fried chicken ever!), rice balls, oyakodon (rice bowl dish with chicken and eggs, yummy), and some salads.

Sakurada 2 Sakurada 4

This time I tried Kaki-age bukkake udon, cold noodles with vegetable tempura, and …it was delicious! Noodles had very pleasing texture and taste, and tempura was made with local seasonal vegetables. My friends tried udon with karaage and zaru udon, and they were both happy with their choice.

So, if you want to try something new in Yerevan, I recommend you to visit this place. But attention, this place doesn’t serve sushi and sashimi! Here you can try what I mentioned above, delicious, authentic Japanese udon noodles.

Sakurada 3

Address: Nalbandyan 23

Yerevan City Celebrates it’s 2796 Anniversary !!


Yerevan City is one of the world’s oldest cities and  it always looks modern and attractive in it’s colors.

This beautiful heart of Armenia has been the capital since 1918, though the history of Yerevan startes from the 8th century BC, with the founding of the fortress of Erebuni by Urartian King Argishti.  At those times in history  it was predominantly  named Erebuni , that’s why usually we call it Erebuni- Yerevan. And on it’s celebration you’ll notice Erebuni’s name on festive posters.  

Yerevan has started it’s celebration after some discoveries of 1950s. In the autumn of 1950  an archaeological expedition found out  an inscription, whish says : ” By the greatness of the God Khaldi, Argishti, son of Menua, built this mighty stronghold and proclaimed it Erebuni for the glory of Biainili (Urartu) and to instill fear among the king’s enemies. Argishti says: The land was a desert, before the great works I accomplished upon it. By the greatness of Khaldi, Argishti, son of Menua, is a mighty king, king of Biainili, and ruler of Tushpa ”  /Israelyan. Erebuni, p. 9/ Every Yerevan –resident is proud of being a  capital-citizen having this historical heritage behind.

The first official celebration of  Erebuni- Yerevan was held in October 1968, the city’s 2,750th anniversary was commemorated. Every Year Yerevan’s anniversary   is celebrated with great fanfare. Every time new festive concert in different parts of the city, new performances, exhibitions and all the possible to imagine.

This year, we will have more and varied activities :  Festive parade, Marathon, Concerts, Games, Sportive activities. Tournaments…

Here is the list of activities fixed by Yerevan Municipality:







The area adjacent to Erebouni historical and archaeological reserve-museum-Erebouni street


  • 14.00 Exhibition of the folk artworks, national costumes, cuisine
  • 15.00 National games
  • 16.00 Concert “Yerevan of young musicians”
  • 16.30 Competition of rope-walkers
  • 17.00 Concert of national and folk music
  • 19.00 Conert-program «There is a festival in Yerevan…»



  • 10.00 Flashmob-parade of water sprinkling trucks along the streets of Yerevan
  • 10.30 Yerevan-ART stage /Saryan park/


  • 11.00 Flashmob-washing of the monuments of Yerevan
  • 12.00 “Yerevan sketches” exposition of urban development projects /nearby the monument to architect Tamanyan/


  • 13.00 Open-air exhibition of children & youth works /nearby the national center of aesthetics after Henrikh Igityan, Abovyan 13/
  • 14.00 Festive parade /from the Municipality of Yerevan to Republic square/


  • 14.30 Marathon race of 2796 m /from Matenadaran along Sayat-Nova, Abovyan street to Republic square/
  • 15.00 Choreographic show “My old and new Yerevan” /Republic square/
  • 15.00 “Yerevan for children” – Children’s festive stage /puppet shows, entertaining games, clowns, conjurers, fairytale heroes, etc./ Children’s park after Kirov/
  • 15.00 Students’ stage /Conservatoire park/
  • 15.00 “Festive stroll” theatrical-ballet performance/Northern avenue/


  • 15.00 “Sportive Yerevan” sport-show / Azatutyan-Freedom square /


  • 15.00 “Three phases of time” photography pavilions /The service entrance to the National Academic Theater of Opera and Ballet/
  • 15.30 “Peoples of the world greet you” stage /Performances of national minorities living in Yerevan & ethnic ensembles /Stepan Shahumyan square/
  • 15.30 Concert of national and folk music /Crossroad of Mashtots-Buzand streets/
  • 15.30 “Yerevan games” competitions of Yerevan yard games /English park, nearby to the Sundukyan theatre/


  • 15.30 “Yerevan singing” karaoke-stage /Ch. Aznavour square/
  • 16.00 Windsurfing show /Swan’s Lake/


  • 16.30 Cycling races /Argishti street-Italy street- Nalbandyan street-Sayat Nova avenue- Mashtots avenue-Isakov avenue up to Yerevan cycle track/
  • 17.00 Chess tournament with famous chess players/Ch. Aznavour square/


  • 17.00 “Yerevan dance” national dance stage / Azatutyan-Freedom square/
  • 17.00 Classical music stage /Conservatoire square/
  • 17.30 Pop concert / Stepan Shahumyan square/
  • 18.00 Jazz concert stage /Cascade complex, Cafesjian Center for the Arts/
  • 18.30 Bard singers stage /Moskovyan park/


  • 19.30 “Yerevan – my home” Gala-concert /Republic square/
  • 20.00 “Yerevan Rocks” rock-concert /Azatutyan-Freedom square/
  • 22.00 Youth disco /Republic square/

Vernissage – an Open-Air Market and Just a Fun Place

Have you ever been to Vernissage? Not just any vernissage, but the one in Yerevan. For those who don’t know, Vernissage is an open-air market in the center of Yerevan, where you can buy just about anything, for instance handmade souvenirs, paintings, national costumes and accessories, musical instruments, jewelry, carpets, books, CDs and DVDs, kitchen utensils, spare parts, and even pets (but attention, they don’t sell food!).

Vernissage 6

It is very close to the Republic Square, and is situated between Nalbandyan and Khanjyan streets. If you are not successful in finding the place, just ask the locals. I’m sure there is not a single person in Yerevan who doesn’t know where Vernissage is.

Vernissage 5

The market is open on weekends. There are no exact opening hours, but if you go there between 10 am to 5 pm, you are very likely to find what you are looking for.

Vernissage 2

I usually go to Vernissage to buy some souvenirs or books, but not only. Sometimes I go there just to enjoy its colors and atmosphere, its sounds and its beauty. Because Vernissage is a place where you can enjoy the colors of Armenia! Red, blue, orange, purple, green, and many other colors that you can see on carpets, scarves, paintings, bags… I’m sure Vernissage will make your visit to Armenia even more pleasant.

Vernissage 4 Vernissage 3

Here are some quick tips for those who are going to visit Vernissage.

  • There are no fixed prices, so if you think the goods are overpriced, don’t hesitate to bargain. Sellers usually speak some English and Russian (although they are not always fluent), and some of them may know other European languages, so don’t hesitate to engage in a conversation with them.
  • It would be nice to have some small change. The thing is that especially in the morning the salespersons may not have enough money to give you change, and they will ask you to wait until they find some (though it doesn’t take long, usually a few minutes).
  • If you are going to buy something big and heavy, it would be good to have a reusable shopping bag with you. You will of course get a plastic bag in the market, but it may be too thin for your heavy souvenir.
  • If you are interested in a particular book, just ask the sellers. They usually have even very old and rare Armenian books.

Vernissage 1

Hope you will enjoy your lazy afternoon here in Vernissage.

A newly opened place! “Café Abovyan 12 & Dalan Art Gallery”

There is a souvenir shop in the center of Yerevan that I visit every time I am in Armenia to buy presents for my friends in Japan. It’s called Dalan Art Gallery. Why art gallery? Because they not only sell souvenirs but also exhibit works of contemporary Armenian artists. You can go there and enjoy art works without paying any entrance fees, as well as have a pleasant conversation with their staff. The exhibition is different every time, so if you visit the place once in a while, you can enjoy works of different artists, and what’s more important, you can know what’s going on in Yerevan’s art life.

Cafe Abovyan 12 4

This time I went there as usual to look at some souvenirs and I discovered that they had opened a lovely café! It’s in the backyard; you go there right through the souvenir shop and find yourself in this very green and a little rustic space right in the center of Yerevan. This outdoor café and restaurant serves Armenian style barbeque, tolma, salads, and many other popular Armenian dishes. They have an open kitchen, and you can actually see what and how they cook, what ingredients they use, etc. Unfortunately I went there right after lunch, so I was too full to eat, but I didn’t spare my chance to have a glass of beer and engage in conversation with the staff. Next time I go there, I’m definitely going to try some delicious barbeque, yum-yum.

Cafe Abovyan 12 5Cafe Abovyan 12 1

What I really loved here is the atmosphere! This is such an amazing, green little café that will make you relax and enjoy even the hottest Yerevan days. And I am also sure you will enjoy talking with the staff, too. They (well, some of them) speak not only English and Russian, but also German, and sometimes other foreign languages. They also told me they have regular cooking lessons for foreigners and Armenians who want to learn to cook amazing Armenian dishes. If you have always wanted to learn how to cook tolma, here you go!

Cafe Abovyan 12 2

Address: Abovyan street 12

It’s just 5 minutes’ walk from the Republic Square. You walk to Abovyan street and go straight for several minutes until you see Dalan Art Gallery.

The surprise rabbit

Yesterday evening I and my friends were walking in Downtown Yerevan. The weather was nice and we were walking and having a nice time. There were lot of people passing-by, a lot of strangers, some people we knew, some good old friends, etc. To put it short everything was like it always used to be, the regular way.

P_20140831_185511  P_20140831_185655 P_20140831_185519

And suddenly… what do you think I noticed? There was a rabbit, a real rabbit sitting on a young girl’s knees like a pat. To be honest that was really strange. First, that was the very first time ever I saw a real rabbit and second, I never thought rabbits could be pats.

And so I immediately went up to that girl and start asking questions about the rabbit; about how old it was, about its gender, etc. The girl was very nice and seems like she was not irritated by our curiosity. I learnt so much new stuff from her. I learnt that actually there are a lot of people that keep rabbits as their home pats, because she mentioned that she was coming back from a meeting with her other friends who have rabbits two. She told us how she take care of it, what the rabbit eats and what it does not eat, how often she takes it to the veterinarian. We wanted to pet it but the girl warned us to be careful because the rabbit bites. At first we started laughing, wandering how could a soft and fluffy rabbit bite but she showed us her wounds and we realized she was not joking. But still we managed to pet it and play with it without any serious accidents. Please now meet our new friend Albert (though I am not sure about the correctness of its name). This is why I love Yerevan. It is always have a little surprises for everyone.

Republic Square. 17-21st centuries

There are things that you can find out by accident. I think you all have experienced something like that. An interesting “accident” happened in Yerevan in 2003. A massive reconstruction started in the downtown of Yerevan. As soon as they started to remove the top layer of asphalt from Republic Square workers found out something very special and unexpected. Can you guess what it was? Well, imagine that there were hallways and footers underneath it. There were different kinds of water pipes made of stone tuff, tuff-designed tiles, etc. People working there immediately sent a notice to National Academy of Sciences. The professors carried out excavations. What the scientists found were proving that the old Yerevan was not only an old city that has survived to our days but it was also an important economic and trade center.   You can see in the pictures bellow how astonishing all of these is. The scientists believe that footings found underneath are buildings of 17th century.

mda mda (10)  mda (1) mda (4)

There were long debates going on what to do with it, how to deal with it. and finally after some days the hole  was closed with sand and rocks. They only took out several clay pots.

Now you can see another face of Republic Square. After closing up the hole they made a new mosaic of our Republic Square. Of course it looks better and fresh now but there were some people suggesting to do something else with the foundlings. Some offer to put a glass on behalf of oval mosaic for the tourists to see what is going on down there and for the scientists to be able to still work on it.  There is news going on that some people want to build a mall under the mosaic.

450px-Square_From_Above republic-square-yerevan-armenia+1152_13349213577-tpfil02aw-31691

Anyways whatever they decide to do with Republic Square We all know what an ancient history our city has.

Armenian hospitality : A story of one photo !

If you have ever been hosted in Armenia, you would understand what means armenian hospitality somehow, if not, then you’d be happily surprised of this post 🙂

Nowadays big cities become more formal, people not trust each other as before and somehow you could feel some distance between people. Though whenever you visit any armenian family, be sure you’ll be treated very well. If you visit them in the evening, you will not be allowed to leave them without having a dinner with them, and even if you have just visited your friend for some minutes you’ll be forced to drink at least armenian coffee with some sweets. And this is common in every armenian family all around the world, there is some habit/ tradition to treat a guest warmly and be kind to them. If the visit is already planned, then the family is preparing the house by cleaning it so that everything is in it’s order, creating a pleasurable atmosphere for the guests. Another issue is to prepare good food, it migh be barbecue or something from family’s favourites, it should surprise the guest and make him be satisfied of it, so imagine the dinner, which might onsist of almost everything . If it’s summer time there would be a watermelon for sure, ice-cream and fresh homemade juices, or you migh be offered cold drink made of yogurt. If you are coming from abroad or other region and you would have to stay in their city you’ll be asked to stay at thir house, even if house itself is quite small. Be sure they’ll find a room with clean bed, linen. If you will not have any strong argument of not being hosted this way you might hurt the family .

Some people say that this is not so common in the city now, but I still meet many families who think and beahve this way, i see how hey really love their guests and care for their comfortable stay with them.

Though another thing is to have unexpected guests, someone whom they don’t know. And I will surprise you by telling that even if they don’t know you, they will become your closest relative very soon 😉

In this case may be you won’t face the same hospitality in the city as in the village, but you’ll find at least all the necessary info or contacts to survive .

It’s amazingly beautiful to see how people from regions/ villages behave towards foreigners. They are so kind and open to them, that sometimes you ask yourself how they could be so trustful and willing.

In this part of my blog let me tell the story which inspired me to write bout this. Some weeks ago, while we were doing our Armania-trip to Vayq, we met so many nice people, that I am still willing to visit this place again. It’s so nice that you start liking the place with it’ people, it becomes close to your heart.

So we were walking to the place where we wnted to camp. Unfortunately we didn’t remember the exact place, so we were asking people on our way and were following their directions. And when we were already close o some nice place, close to the village, we had heard an old lady singing in her garden. We stopped to see who’s she, cause it was such a nic voice full of warmness and sweetness. And it was obvious that she was alone in her garden and enjoying it, working there. When she noticed us, she called as and said that we were on a wrong direction. I think that there were many other tourists passing that wayin the past, so she could guess where we were going. And she came to us and showd the right way , then when we wanted to thank her and continue our way, she stopped us. She told us to wait , she wanted to share with us some fruit and vegatable of her garden. It was so nice of her and we were ful of staff, so we couldn’t take anything with us and wanted to go, but she resisted and said a phrase which made us take whatever she could give. She said ” This is the porion of the traveler”. It’s so surprising that she works so hard, cares for her garden so much and she’s still wiling to give. And it’s not just giving , it’s special portion dedicated to traveller. And I remembered the words from the Bible telling to take care of the people while doing harvest, cause there might pass someone who don’t have anything and could reap something from your garden. And I saw this beautiful woman sharing with us peaces, tomatoes and ucumbers of her garden with love and respect.  And though we were walking a lot before meeting her and we were really very tired, after that we were feeling so good, her approach was so kind and beautiful, that made us smile and feel loved. And we contiuned our way with heavy bags , but we were happy, happy to see people who are ready to share even not having much, people who could be kind to you without knowing you, people who are open-minded living in so-called traditional parts of Armenia, people who made us feel proud close to the foreigners, who were with us.

We couldn’t resist of not having a photo with this nice lady 🙂


And the funniest thing of that moment was the reaction of my friend from Germany, whom I looked trying to say something about this nice lady and he said smiling  “This is Armenia”. I am so happy that Armenia is associated with such things, with kindness and love.

Love each other, give and share, don’t worry of not having enough, after visiting Armenia and living with armenians you will learn how to be a good host . But for now enjoy being a guest 😉

Art of Recycling

The other day I was visiting my friend’s house and on my way there I saw this interesting kiosk which sells tires. But I didn’t really get what it was from the very beginning. As I approached it I thought it has something to do with kids and games for kids because there were different cartoon characters. But in fact I was wrong. Have a look at the pictures here.

10543791_817100438320318_2095675818_n              10622277_817100458320316_1857313450_n

Here are the little elephant and the lion. I mean, of course they are not like something very professional or extremely real-looking, but at least this person has spent so much time working on them, right?

Here is another creature, the crocodile from old Soviet cartoon, whose name is Gena. Isn’t he cute? He is right next to the entrance to the kiosk.

10617697_817100451653650_1380180930_n              10617721_817100454986983_299213159_n

Well, you can see for sure that all of them are made of old tires. Isn’t it just a nice way to spend your free time and make some sort of art for people passing by. I believe this is a nice way of recycling as well. In Armenia recycling is not a big thing, but there are people who recycle, sometimes even not noticing they are doing so. And this person is a bright example.

I think we need more projects like this. I remember a few years ago there was a big lion made of recycled tire in one of the main squares of Yerevan, but looks like it was a one-time thing, because I didn’t see any more of them begin made. Of course that one was made more professionally, and looked much better, but I would love the idea to be continuous.

So, you can see, Yerevan is a place of new ideas and people who like to work and not to waste time. And if you come to visit it, take your time to see all the sides of Yerevan. Because it is not only about the main square, the museums, Yerevan and Armenia in general are about the people and what they do.