Yerevan City Celebrates it’s 2796 Anniversary !!


Yerevan City is one of the world’s oldest cities and  it always looks modern and attractive in it’s colors.

This beautiful heart of Armenia has been the capital since 1918, though the history of Yerevan startes from the 8th century BC, with the founding of the fortress of Erebuni by Urartian King Argishti.  At those times in history  it was predominantly  named Erebuni , that’s why usually we call it Erebuni- Yerevan. And on it’s celebration you’ll notice Erebuni’s name on festive posters.  

Yerevan has started it’s celebration after some discoveries of 1950s. In the autumn of 1950  an archaeological expedition found out  an inscription, whish says : ” By the greatness of the God Khaldi, Argishti, son of Menua, built this mighty stronghold and proclaimed it Erebuni for the glory of Biainili (Urartu) and to instill fear among the king’s enemies. Argishti says: The land was a desert, before the great works I accomplished upon it. By the greatness of Khaldi, Argishti, son of Menua, is a mighty king, king of Biainili, and ruler of Tushpa ”  /Israelyan. Erebuni, p. 9/ Every Yerevan –resident is proud of being a  capital-citizen having this historical heritage behind.

The first official celebration of  Erebuni- Yerevan was held in October 1968, the city’s 2,750th anniversary was commemorated. Every Year Yerevan’s anniversary   is celebrated with great fanfare. Every time new festive concert in different parts of the city, new performances, exhibitions and all the possible to imagine.

This year, we will have more and varied activities :  Festive parade, Marathon, Concerts, Games, Sportive activities. Tournaments…

Here is the list of activities fixed by Yerevan Municipality:







The area adjacent to Erebouni historical and archaeological reserve-museum-Erebouni street


  • 14.00 Exhibition of the folk artworks, national costumes, cuisine
  • 15.00 National games
  • 16.00 Concert “Yerevan of young musicians”
  • 16.30 Competition of rope-walkers
  • 17.00 Concert of national and folk music
  • 19.00 Conert-program «There is a festival in Yerevan…»



  • 10.00 Flashmob-parade of water sprinkling trucks along the streets of Yerevan
  • 10.30 Yerevan-ART stage /Saryan park/


  • 11.00 Flashmob-washing of the monuments of Yerevan
  • 12.00 “Yerevan sketches” exposition of urban development projects /nearby the monument to architect Tamanyan/


  • 13.00 Open-air exhibition of children & youth works /nearby the national center of aesthetics after Henrikh Igityan, Abovyan 13/
  • 14.00 Festive parade /from the Municipality of Yerevan to Republic square/


  • 14.30 Marathon race of 2796 m /from Matenadaran along Sayat-Nova, Abovyan street to Republic square/
  • 15.00 Choreographic show “My old and new Yerevan” /Republic square/
  • 15.00 “Yerevan for children” – Children’s festive stage /puppet shows, entertaining games, clowns, conjurers, fairytale heroes, etc./ Children’s park after Kirov/
  • 15.00 Students’ stage /Conservatoire park/
  • 15.00 “Festive stroll” theatrical-ballet performance/Northern avenue/


  • 15.00 “Sportive Yerevan” sport-show / Azatutyan-Freedom square /


  • 15.00 “Three phases of time” photography pavilions /The service entrance to the National Academic Theater of Opera and Ballet/
  • 15.30 “Peoples of the world greet you” stage /Performances of national minorities living in Yerevan & ethnic ensembles /Stepan Shahumyan square/
  • 15.30 Concert of national and folk music /Crossroad of Mashtots-Buzand streets/
  • 15.30 “Yerevan games” competitions of Yerevan yard games /English park, nearby to the Sundukyan theatre/


  • 15.30 “Yerevan singing” karaoke-stage /Ch. Aznavour square/
  • 16.00 Windsurfing show /Swan’s Lake/


  • 16.30 Cycling races /Argishti street-Italy street- Nalbandyan street-Sayat Nova avenue- Mashtots avenue-Isakov avenue up to Yerevan cycle track/
  • 17.00 Chess tournament with famous chess players/Ch. Aznavour square/


  • 17.00 “Yerevan dance” national dance stage / Azatutyan-Freedom square/
  • 17.00 Classical music stage /Conservatoire square/
  • 17.30 Pop concert / Stepan Shahumyan square/
  • 18.00 Jazz concert stage /Cascade complex, Cafesjian Center for the Arts/
  • 18.30 Bard singers stage /Moskovyan park/


  • 19.30 “Yerevan – my home” Gala-concert /Republic square/
  • 20.00 “Yerevan Rocks” rock-concert /Azatutyan-Freedom square/
  • 22.00 Youth disco /Republic square/

Armenian Fire Red or Vordan Karmir

Every Tuesday one though is hovering in my head, what should I write about my beautiful rocky land Armenia that you do not know yet. However the idea for my today’s post was in my mind since yesterday evening when I was listening to one of my favorite Armenian rock bands Vordan Karmir, the name of the band is reference to the Amrenian dye Vordan Karmir the recipe of which has been lost for quite some time. So let’s find out some interesting facts about Vordan Karmir (Carmine) the fantastic Armenian paint which was prepared and  used since  the most ancient times.

  1. Did you know that this fascinating purely natural rich red color is made of small red bugs called Vordan Karmir?59830372-300x199

This unique bug can be found only in Ararat valley, and for observing this rare creature in its natural habitat one needs to travel to the enchanting Ararat valley on an early Autumn morning as the bugs stay on the surface of the earth only 40 days during the year at the beginning of autumn.

The recipe of Carmine has been lost during the last century , however scholars in Matenadaran are currently working on the recovery of the old recipe without significant success so far. Recovering the recipe of the old dye is important not only for scholarly reasons but also to able to restourate ancient Armenian manuscripts, which are illustrated by many beautiful miniatures where the domineering color is the fire red, received from the vordan Karmir bug.


Now that we spoke about the so Armenian dye vordan Karmir, you already know where the band Vordan Karmir took its name from. Founded in 2005 the band has received positive acclaim among folk rock lovers. The so charming band members say that they are also dyestuff like the so famous ancient Armenian Carmine, but unlike the dye they do not color carpets and manuscripts they color music and lyrics creating very Armenian and powerful rock. They are the new dyestuff, the new fire red in the Armenian music industry!


Autumn mood in Armenia

Autumn is a spectacular season full of colors and emotions.  Here in Armenia it’s especially colorful and amazing . There are so many beautiful songs dedicated to it, but my favorite one is the song of Ruben Hakhverdyan “Autumn”.



I liked the song so much, that decided to share it with you, even more, I’ve tried to translate it into English .

Just listen to the song, after try to read the words….


Autumn in my Garden now

I and my old dog

Sniff the dunghill of the past

My dog moves its tail happily

Pulling out of the dunghill

Outdated items that nobody needs.


Empty garden, and a humid wind,

And smoking piles of leaves,

Empty garden, and a humid wind,

And smoking memories of my past.


Regret and love, excessive expectations,

Leaving steps of my past,

Desperate rain, dunghill people,

Outdated items that nobody needs.


A worn-out shoes that won’t be wear

A sexless doll: headless,

A black umbrella, a photograph

And a mirror …



Autumn in my Garden now

I and my old dog

Sniff the dunghill of the past

My dog moves its tail happily

Pulling out of the dunghill

Outdated items that nobody needs.


Empty garden, and a humid wind,

And smoking piles of leaves,

Empty garden, and a humid wind,

And smoking memories of my past.



Wind…crazed old man

Turns the dunghill

And the stroller slept on the branch wakes up


Regret and love, excessive expectations,

Leaving steps of my past,

Desperate rain, dunghill people,

Outdated items that nobody needs.



A worn-out shoes that won’t be wear

A sexless doll: headless,

A black umbrella, a photograph

And a mirror …


Autumn in my Garden now

I and my old dog

Sniff the dunghill of the past

My dog moves its tail happily

Pulling out of the dunghill

Outdated items that nobody needs.

dscf6358-copy-watermark     ……………….Enjoy every minute of autumn 😉




Komitas: the portrayer of the Armenian spirit.

As I previously said I am going to write more about Armenian culture. Today I would like to introduce you to the founder of Armenian classical and secular music Komitas. Born In Turkey to Armenian parents Soghomon Soghomonyan was orphaned at the age of 11 after which he was sent to Armenia to study liturgical singing at the Seminary in Etchmiadzin.  After graduating in 1893 He adopted the name Komitas that of the seventh century Armenian Katholicos. Already interested in composition and Armenian folk music he decided to go to Berlin and study music at Kaiser Friedrich Wilhelm University from 1896 to 1899. After graduation he acquired the title of a Doctor of Musicology and returned to Echmiadzin where he took over conducting a male choir. Komitas started collecting folk songs and travelled widely around the country listening and recording details of Armenian folk songs and dances. This way komitas collected about 3000 songs which he later also adapted for choir singing.

in 1892 Komitas started his major work Badarak (devine Liturgy) and never finished due to the upcoming World War I. Badark is still used as one of two most important musical settings during the Armenian Church Liturgy.

Komitas’s music is hearful, it carries the history of this land and the memories of the people of Armenia. To Understand his music one needs more than a musical ear say many musicologists.

“O crane, fly high above the mountains
Where the winds of change shall carry you to freedom.
Soar high above the wilderness plains of our people,
Glide through the rain of a deluge of tears,
And build your nest upon the sheltered crests of Ararat.”

Music of the streets

A night September evening, you know one of those evenings when you cannot stay home. You have to go out and feel the fresh air at the night atmosphere all around you. I was not an exception and went out with a few of my friends. We had a great time, we had dinner and went then went out for a walk in Downtown Yerevan. You know, especially at this time of year Yerevan is the most beautiful in the evenings, well at least for me. There are always a lot of people walking, there are always something going on in the city: And that evening was not an exception. While walking around we heard sounds of music playing. It turned out that there was a live concert almost in the heart of Yerevan on the Swan Lake. There were lot of people gathered and there was a special stage in the center of the lake, made special for that occasion. It was pretty loud and the music was nice. But I felt something was missing. So we turned around and were about to leave. When I suddenly saw a Vibraphone standing close to the crowd.  I thought there would be a musician playing on it. But I just could not see anyone around the instrument. I just burst out wondering: “Where is the musician, isn’t he here?” The question was not addressed to anyone specifically, it was more like a rhetoric one. But some old guy appeared next to me and answered: “He Is here I will call him now, just hang on”.


And there appeared the musician. He turned out to be one of the very few musicians playing on this instrument. He performed a wonderful piece of Arno Babajanyan’s nocturne. Although there was the huge concert going on in the background this guy managed to get so much attention and to give us so much positive energy with his wonderful and powerful performance.
This is how small things can be more enjoyable and more powerful than the bigger ones.

CubaLibre Party

        Last week on August 15 there was a big CubaLibre party in the Caribbean Pool of Best Western Congress Hotel. That was a fantastic chance for all Latin dance lovers and professionals for having an unforgettable day and improves their dancing skills. For this event Congress Hotel cooperated with Centro Hispano Centre, which provided music, musicians and dancing atmosphere. The troposphere made all the participants shake the hips and feel themselves Latin dance gods. Tempers flared especially when Couples Salsa and Bachata Battle started. That was a “Step by Step” Battle, where only five Lucky Couples could elapse the next level and be announced as the winner.



After all the most curious and anticipated moment was After Party. Beautiful young ladies were tramping all around and were helpful in providing with Bacardi. This was the very time to make acquaintance with others and enjoy the day. Salsa,Bachata, Reggaeton, Merengue, Cumbia, Kizomba, live music, Cuba Libre… What else one needed for organizing a real entertainment?!!

10379818_786667151355104_41314881346167262_o    10620234_786666718021814_3214214722317106063_o    10380239_786666871355132_7675803696797703368_o

The time was over but none of the staff members wanted to leave that area. That day could have been a fatal day in one’s life. Some of the participants decided to practice dancing. One of the event’s bases was a black girl who was said to be a princess of a day. I had a chance to meet her on City’s streets, so when found myself dancing next to her, recognized that chocolate lady. During After Party it was hard to realize who was a professional dancer and who is not. Soon there’ll take place the 4th one… Will be looking forward to…

Author – Jasmin Hakobyan

A day with “Capital Cities”

Capital Cities! How many Capital Cities you know: Yerevan, Moscow, Tokyo, etc. I know only one “Capital Cities”. I think you have heard about music band “Capital Cities” or at least their songs. Capital Cities is an American pop group which was formed by Sebu Simonian and Ryan Merchant in 2008. I think that not all of you knew that one of the singers is Armenian and his name is Sebu. I myself found it out recently. He was in Armenia for a few days. On his second day in Yerevan he held two parties. First one was in the garden in front of TUMO Centre for Creative Technologies. And the second party took place at UpTown club. We decided to visit the open air party because we thought it was going to be much more interesting. The party had the dress code about which you can find out more in our further blog posts.


The party started at about 7pm. Before that Sebu held a press conference which was pretty interesting and entertaining. As soon as he got on the stage the audience burst out clapping. Everyone was happy to have a chance to listen to his music live and free of charge. Our team was lucky enough to be able to take photos with him.

   10544236_821610034536025_6290254610430948342_o                    10648391_821610021202693_3145814206495554271_o

I should probably mention that the acoustic version of the very well known song called “Safe and Sound” was much better than its original version, well at least for me. During the open air concert Sebu performed 7 songs of the “Capital Cities” which were absolutely amazing.
And actually a lot of people have been waiting for his concert because for the second party at UpTown club all the tickets were sold out 5 days before the party.
Our team also prepared a video where you can hear some of his songs. Enjoy it !

River Fest in Armenia !!!

Hot and sunny Armenia becomes epicenter of the coolest activities of summer .

I am so excited of all these events that can’t even choose which one to attend 🙂 But this weekend there is one, which I won’t miss for  sure  . This weekend within the village of Getamej  there will be a festival that quickens armenian cultural life, adds new notes to modern armenian music culture. This Fest is a nice initiative and I am happy that it’s becoming a good tradition. The name of the fest is also quite unique :River Fest !

River Fest Armenia promises  to be an unforgettable and indescribably interesting .

Here are some photos of last year fest, which already describe the mood of the event and motivate to be part of it.

579586_528205943918779_1892055109_n 1000568_528205723918801_1322319986_n 1002576_528206103918763_441940860_n 1003770_528204237252283_381459631_n  1016986_528204057252301_1958127920_n62448_528205603918813_843015249_n

 Getamej is a town in the Kotayk Marz in Armenia, “Getamej” translates roughly to English a “Mid-River” . This small and modest town will be full of fantastic rhythms   and melodies this weekend.  Town itself is a nice place to visit, there is a river , beautiful armenian houses with very hospitable people, good nature , kind of peaceful and lovely place .


Proceeds of the fest will go towards the renovation of the school in Gedamej!

As it’s mentioned in Ricer Fest’s page, This year there’ll be hearing performances from…

The Bambir
The Beautified Project
Allusion Band
Perception Way
Collectif Metz Bazar
Hassassian Project
The Band
Doctor At Large
Palm of Granite
Narine Dovlatyan
Sonya Varujian
Room 118


Many artists have prepared special performances for this year. Ethno-jazz , folk rock, pop rock, rock,  acoustic guitars for jamming, Woodstock’s , dancing….all these will accompany festival’s participants all weekend .

According to organizers, transportation to the venue will be provided (included in the ticket) with buses leaving from Matenadaran starting at 3:30PM, moving every half-hour- with the last bus leaving at 8:00PM. The tickets are  available at Ants, Irish Pub, Woodrock, it doesn’t cost much, just 5000 AMD.  And of course it’s possible to join them with tends 🙂

So, let’s fix in our calendars this weekend : August 15-17th, Getamej !


You can follow more news of the event by Facebook and Twitter : #RiverFestArmenia14 is going to be something  different, enjoy it 😉

My Favorite Theaters of Yerevan

It is generally thought nowadays that nobody goes to theaters anymore and theaters get outdated just like books. But I will disagree with this statement. At least in Armenia there are still people who can and do appreciate the art of theatre. I do consider myself one of those people. And you know why?  Because nothing can ever compare to a theater performance. Not the latest blockbusters, not even the best movies with sound and visual effects. Theater gives me an opportunity to feel and see the real emotions. In theater there is nothing between the actor and the audience, like Really nothing. Everything happens in that exact moment in that place and the actor can not hide anything and can play to the full. And you as an audience have the chance to experience all of his/her feelings at first hand.

Yerevan is full of high quality theaters. No matter what theater you visit you will get a high quality performance to enjoy. I remember when I was a kid my parents used to take me to theaters even if the performance would  not be understandable enough for a little kid. And basicly this is how I got my love for theaters. As long as I can remember myself I have been visiting different theaters in Yerevan and I can give a list of my favorite theaters.

In the first place for me is the Chamber Theater. This is a really small theater but for me it has the best atmosphere.


The next one for me is the Dramatic Theater after Hrachya Ghaplanyan. This is one of my favorites because they stage a lot of classic dramatic and psychological  performances.


The third favorite is Russian Dramatic Theater after K.S. Stanislavsky. This is one of my favorites because they always have interesting and funny performances.


So I truly believe that the day will come when all the theaters in the world would have their “rebirth” and they will have the fame they had once.

Open-Air JAZZ

Well, yesterday I planned on going  to cinema with my mom, I got home from work, and my mom and I left for the movie. Because of the traffic in the city we got there a lot later than we expected, so there was already no point in going in to see the movie ( no one wants to see the movie from the middle, right?). To be honest, I was a little bit disappointed coz we were late. But we quickly found a way out. It turned out that there was a live jazz concert right in front of the cinema. Can you imagine how wonderful it was to listen to live jazz music, plus the awesome weather, plus the little light wind. Oh boy, it was a pleasure to sit there and listen to these professionals who were making wonderful music.

Here they are, the band called Re-Minour (I saw it on the back of the t-shirts they were wearing).

2014-06-06 19.07.14

People were just sitting around the fountain and enjoying the bestest music.

2014-06-06 19.07.24 - Copy

Here is a piece of wonderful music they were making.

So, Yerevan is so full of surprises, especially in summer this kind of surprises are really often. There are other open-air concerts in Yerevan, too. So, come to Yerevan and have the chance of seeing them perform live.