Armenian Breakfast: then and now

“We would wake up early in the morning and gather around the table, await for my grandmother to bring our breakfast to the table. Fresh eggs, fresh milk… everything was fresh and 100% natural. We could not even imagine how we would be missing our holidays there in the village without grandma.”

My mom still remembers the breakfast her grandmother used to make when she was a little kid. She tells me how she used to enjoy those breakfasts. The way she describes them, every time makes me jealous, because I can imagine how good and tasty the morning breakfast in a village can possibly be.

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Traditional Armenian breakfasts are usually full and kind of heavy. But this is only from the very first sight. A traditional breakfast would usually look like this – boiled eggs, homemade cheese with greens in it, fresh milk, Armenian fried bread lavash (read more here), and of course homemade butter.

But of course time changes and the Armenian breakfast had slightly changed too. You would usually recognize. Now more often there is also meat like sausages is present for the breakfast. People drink more tea than milk (It defers from family to family).  As of my family we usually have omelet, butter with some marmalade, usually tea and most importantly cheese. The breakfast cannot be full and satisfactory if there is no cheese. And I think this is the case for maybe 90% of Armenian families. Sometimes we like to have really heavy breakfast with a lot of meat like khorovats or Kebab, but this happens from time to time. In general breakfast Is considered to be one of the main courses of the day, but maybe the most important one still stays supper.

And what is more than common is the sweets people put on the breakfast table. By sweets we don’t mean candies instead we mean traditional Armenian cake especially gata, which is not too sweat and it is healthy.