Armenian eyes

Oh….these armenians…


…there is such a lot to tell you about this unique nation, their traditions and history, their achievements and about beautiful armenian eyes……


They say the shape and color of your eyes can tell about your character, but armenian eyes tell more then just some details of the character. They can tell you the world history with their own perception, they can tell you a lot of pain  and victory.

Armenian eyes  have cried a lot, they seem to be wet but at the same time shining brightly. These eyes are full of smartness and search. Cause during the history they had to travel a lot, searching for the life, skipping from death and looking for the opportunities. These eyes have experienced a lot, may be that’s why they seem different.

There is a phrase “armenian eyes”, which is describing so many complex feelings of human being . It’s very armenian and for the armenians. Nowadays it is very difficult to differentiate what color or shape should be typical armenian eyes, but you can see similarities , collective lines, which will tell about their identity. They are blue, green, brown, black, dark and light, small and big, though mostly they are big, narrow and wide, but they all are full of pain, love, patience and wisdom. Just look at them :



Women’s eyes are especially beautiful, underlined, expressing their armenian strong and at the same time modest character. They look at you with wonder, with love and belief . Don’t make them cry and just enjoy them smiling 🙂

It is also said that eyes are the person’s mirror, so what do these eyes reflect ?

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I could not resist of sharing these wonderful pictures of beautiful and armenian faces . Visit Armenia to meet armenians and look at their eyes, find out the mystery of this old but always modern nation 😉

And a good song of Harout Pambukchyan :