Armenian Female Names !!! Do you know what your names means?

հգ They say name of the person says a lot about the future and character of it’s owner. Name is the first thing in general that you ask from foreigner after some talk or just to know him or her better or just to express your willingness of getting acquainted. People even differentiate some characteristics of names : how it sounds, if it is beautiful, it it means something , in Armenia people will think it it is armenian name, if it suits the gender of the child, if it is the name of any important person of the family…and many other things connecting with naming. In Armenia we have male and female names. There are very few almost not existing unisex names. We have armenian names with historical meanings and names describing various phenomenons of nature, flora and feelings. In this article I will try to speak about female names, trying to show you how it is connected also with our  psychology and traditions. Though nowadays parents and grandparents choose more international, “easy sound” original names, the importance of keeping traditions and national image has it’s influence. New generation has such names as Eline, Eva, Mary, Lily, Veronica, Maria, Ana, Alina, Lia, Nina, Mila, Kristina, jana, Monika, Sofi, Emma…which are not armenian but quite common. Some of them are being chosen because of it’s meaning, some of them just for trend. But every parents thinks a lot before naming the child. From real armenian names it’s used to use the names of the flowers: armenian versions of flowers’ names, such as Vard/ Varduhi (Rose), Alvard (Red Rose), Hasmik (Jasmine), Shushan (Lily), Nargiz (Narcissus), Antaram (Perennial), Manushak (Violet)…. դասդդ 1772040 1770897 2014-02-summer-flowers-wallpaper-4 The other most common list of names is connected to the name of the Country “Armenia” or “Hayastan” : Armine, Haykuhi, Hayarpi (Armenian Sun), Hayastan, Armina, …Yeah, we love our country and armenian identity 🙂 ոքդո Another interesting option for female names are different nouns of Sun and Moon, Stars : Arevik (Little Sun)- this ending “ik” makes the name kind of cute, small ; Aregak, Arpi, Aregnazan (Sun+ Graceful), Arevhat (Sun + Single) , Arpenik and Lousine, Lousin (Moon), Astghik (A small star). դՍԴ Some of female names are adjectives, like : Sirun / Geghetsik (Beautiful), Nazeni or Nazeli (Graceful), Angin (Priceless), Annman (Matchless), Azniv (Honest), Gohar (Expensive stone or expensive), Hamest (Modest), Paytsar (Bright) Some names come from nature: Hurik (Small fire), Hranush, Hrarpi. You will meet also some people with the names Aghavni (dove), Kaqav (partridge) which are different names of birds. What is really interesting: that there are a lot of male names transformed into female ones. You just add “uhi” in the end of name and get the new female name, for example “Haykuhi”, “Hrachuhi”, “Tigranuhi”,…some days ago I’ve even met “Hamletuhi”.This speaks a lot about the male domination in our culture and social life and we can see that females are more associated with flowers, characteristics, which influence on people’s psychology and the understanding of gender differences in Armenia. dancers There are many names which have persian , russian , greek meanings and they are also used nowadays. There are many Mariams as everywhere in the World, there are many Kristinas, Evas, which are popular because of christianity and there are very unique armenian names, which are created even very lately. My name is Lilit, which is very common name in my country and it has so many stories connected to it’s roots, btw it’s not armenian name. We are used to call our daughters with names of armenian historical cities as Ani, Vanuhi… And there are names which are mostly used in Western Armenia, like Nushik (Small Almond), Azatuhi (Freedom or Free).   Yeah, there are many nice and interesting names, and every name is unique as you. I personally don’t remember names of people, I remember more their smiles, some positive aspects of them and later just fix in my mind the name to have a complete info of the person. Sure, you will have something to share about the origins of your name or some interesting stories connected to it. Name your name 😉