Armenian Fire Red or Vordan Karmir

Every Tuesday one though is hovering in my head, what should I write about my beautiful rocky land Armenia that you do not know yet. However the idea for my today’s post was in my mind since yesterday evening when I was listening to one of my favorite Armenian rock bands Vordan Karmir, the name of the band is reference to the Amrenian dye Vordan Karmir the recipe of which has been lost for quite some time. So let’s find out some interesting facts about Vordan Karmir (Carmine) the fantastic Armenian paint which was prepared and  used since  the most ancient times.

  1. Did you know that this fascinating purely natural rich red color is made of small red bugs called Vordan Karmir?59830372-300x199

This unique bug can be found only in Ararat valley, and for observing this rare creature in its natural habitat one needs to travel to the enchanting Ararat valley on an early Autumn morning as the bugs stay on the surface of the earth only 40 days during the year at the beginning of autumn.

The recipe of Carmine has been lost during the last century , however scholars in Matenadaran are currently working on the recovery of the old recipe without significant success so far. Recovering the recipe of the old dye is important not only for scholarly reasons but also to able to restourate ancient Armenian manuscripts, which are illustrated by many beautiful miniatures where the domineering color is the fire red, received from the vordan Karmir bug.


Now that we spoke about the so Armenian dye vordan Karmir, you already know where the band Vordan Karmir took its name from. Founded in 2005 the band has received positive acclaim among folk rock lovers. The so charming band members say that they are also dyestuff like the so famous ancient Armenian Carmine, but unlike the dye they do not color carpets and manuscripts they color music and lyrics creating very Armenian and powerful rock. They are the new dyestuff, the new fire red in the Armenian music industry!