Armenian hospitality : A story of one photo !

If you have ever been hosted in Armenia, you would understand what means armenian hospitality somehow, if not, then you’d be happily surprised of this post 🙂

Nowadays big cities become more formal, people not trust each other as before and somehow you could feel some distance between people. Though whenever you visit any armenian family, be sure you’ll be treated very well. If you visit them in the evening, you will not be allowed to leave them without having a dinner with them, and even if you have just visited your friend for some minutes you’ll be forced to drink at least armenian coffee with some sweets. And this is common in every armenian family all around the world, there is some habit/ tradition to treat a guest warmly and be kind to them. If the visit is already planned, then the family is preparing the house by cleaning it so that everything is in it’s order, creating a pleasurable atmosphere for the guests. Another issue is to prepare good food, it migh be barbecue or something from family’s favourites, it should surprise the guest and make him be satisfied of it, so imagine the dinner, which might onsist of almost everything . If it’s summer time there would be a watermelon for sure, ice-cream and fresh homemade juices, or you migh be offered cold drink made of yogurt. If you are coming from abroad or other region and you would have to stay in their city you’ll be asked to stay at thir house, even if house itself is quite small. Be sure they’ll find a room with clean bed, linen. If you will not have any strong argument of not being hosted this way you might hurt the family .

Some people say that this is not so common in the city now, but I still meet many families who think and beahve this way, i see how hey really love their guests and care for their comfortable stay with them.

Though another thing is to have unexpected guests, someone whom they don’t know. And I will surprise you by telling that even if they don’t know you, they will become your closest relative very soon 😉

In this case may be you won’t face the same hospitality in the city as in the village, but you’ll find at least all the necessary info or contacts to survive .

It’s amazingly beautiful to see how people from regions/ villages behave towards foreigners. They are so kind and open to them, that sometimes you ask yourself how they could be so trustful and willing.

In this part of my blog let me tell the story which inspired me to write bout this. Some weeks ago, while we were doing our Armania-trip to Vayq, we met so many nice people, that I am still willing to visit this place again. It’s so nice that you start liking the place with it’ people, it becomes close to your heart.

So we were walking to the place where we wnted to camp. Unfortunately we didn’t remember the exact place, so we were asking people on our way and were following their directions. And when we were already close o some nice place, close to the village, we had heard an old lady singing in her garden. We stopped to see who’s she, cause it was such a nic voice full of warmness and sweetness. And it was obvious that she was alone in her garden and enjoying it, working there. When she noticed us, she called as and said that we were on a wrong direction. I think that there were many other tourists passing that wayin the past, so she could guess where we were going. And she came to us and showd the right way , then when we wanted to thank her and continue our way, she stopped us. She told us to wait , she wanted to share with us some fruit and vegatable of her garden. It was so nice of her and we were ful of staff, so we couldn’t take anything with us and wanted to go, but she resisted and said a phrase which made us take whatever she could give. She said ” This is the porion of the traveler”. It’s so surprising that she works so hard, cares for her garden so much and she’s still wiling to give. And it’s not just giving , it’s special portion dedicated to traveller. And I remembered the words from the Bible telling to take care of the people while doing harvest, cause there might pass someone who don’t have anything and could reap something from your garden. And I saw this beautiful woman sharing with us peaces, tomatoes and ucumbers of her garden with love and respect.  And though we were walking a lot before meeting her and we were really very tired, after that we were feeling so good, her approach was so kind and beautiful, that made us smile and feel loved. And we contiuned our way with heavy bags , but we were happy, happy to see people who are ready to share even not having much, people who could be kind to you without knowing you, people who are open-minded living in so-called traditional parts of Armenia, people who made us feel proud close to the foreigners, who were with us.

We couldn’t resist of not having a photo with this nice lady 🙂


And the funniest thing of that moment was the reaction of my friend from Germany, whom I looked trying to say something about this nice lady and he said smiling  “This is Armenia”. I am so happy that Armenia is associated with such things, with kindness and love.

Love each other, give and share, don’t worry of not having enough, after visiting Armenia and living with armenians you will learn how to be a good host . But for now enjoy being a guest 😉