Armenian Rock-Art (petroglyphs)

if you are looking for a new fascinating country to visit which is full of surprises be sure that Armenia will prove to be more than a wise choice. Armenia can offer more than you can imagine, rich history, wonderful modern and antique art and what not?

As I have already mentioned there is much to see here, and so much more to write about, I guess you can imagine what  a difficult choice of topic I make every time I write.

Today I want to introduce you to the Armenian Rock Art the scientific term for which is Petroglyphs. There are more than 100 countries around the world where scientists have found petroglyphs, that is images carved into rocks using stone tools. The prehistoric man depicted all kinds of different images in the rock which tell us a lot about people 4000 years ago, their life, myths, origins, stories of past societies, beliefs and a lot more..

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There are numerous Rock-Art sites in Armenia all set high in the mountains. Five large Rock-Art areas are well known and nearly 20 thousand carved rock-pieces have been discovered so far. Almost all aspects of human life are depicted in those petroglyphs, ranging from human activities like dancing, hunting and fighting to celestial bodies such as  the Sun, the Moon, the stars, the Milky Way and so on. The  Rock Art found in Armenia is our unique cultural and historic heritage. There are many scientist who study and classify Armenian petroglyphs, however there are many obstacles standing on the way of the scientists such as the dating of ancient rock carvings. Despite the difficulties much has been done and studied in the field and the research is in progress. If you are interested in the art of the prehistoric man and want to experience something unknown and fresh visit the Armenian Rock Art sites and don’t forget your camera!