“Art needs no museum” The SCreENERY in Armenia

Let us tell you about very nice initiative and people who’re involved in “The Screenery” project. It will make your stay in Armenia much more interesting .


“THE SCreENERY” is a grassroots community project that began in May of 2011, which supports the arts in Yerevan, Armenia. It welcomes all artists, national and international, as well as all community members to participate voluntarily in free events that are organized in its name.  Each event held has both a film and art component in order to expose audience members to different forms and genres of art.  The project moves around the city to be in touch with as many people as possible. 10371397_718514541543642_4014837223310652830_nSeason 3 Opening Moscow Cinema

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The motto, “Art need no museum,” provides further insight to the grassroots nature and accessibility of the project.


Use your opportunity to see local and international artist work and watch a film outside (inside during winter months:)). Check The Screenery’s blog for art exhibition & movie schedules: http://thescreenerycheck.wordpress.com/

10487449_720199501375146_1000968253674298370_nTHE SCreENERY