Art of Recycling

The other day I was visiting my friend’s house and on my way there I saw this interesting kiosk which sells tires. But I didn’t really get what it was from the very beginning. As I approached it I thought it has something to do with kids and games for kids because there were different cartoon characters. But in fact I was wrong. Have a look at the pictures here.

10543791_817100438320318_2095675818_n              10622277_817100458320316_1857313450_n

Here are the little elephant and the lion. I mean, of course they are not like something very professional or extremely real-looking, but at least this person has spent so much time working on them, right?

Here is another creature, the crocodile from old Soviet cartoon, whose name is Gena. Isn’t he cute? He is right next to the entrance to the kiosk.

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Well, you can see for sure that all of them are made of old tires. Isn’t it just a nice way to spend your free time and make some sort of art for people passing by. I believe this is a nice way of recycling as well. In Armenia recycling is not a big thing, but there are people who recycle, sometimes even not noticing they are doing so. And this person is a bright example.

I think we need more projects like this. I remember a few years ago there was a big lion made of recycled tire in one of the main squares of Yerevan, but looks like it was a one-time thing, because I didn’t see any more of them begin made. Of course that one was made more professionally, and looked much better, but I would love the idea to be continuous.

So, you can see, Yerevan is a place of new ideas and people who like to work and not to waste time. And if you come to visit it, take your time to see all the sides of Yerevan. Because it is not only about the main square, the museums, Yerevan and Armenia in general are about the people and what they do.