Be the change you want to see in Armenia !

Modern Armenian society  challenges a lot of factors influencing on its balanced and sustainable development. There are many active political and social disputes which we need to overcome all together. And thanks to some active initiatives and organizations, this process is being changed.

Society Without Violence (SWV) is a NGO founded in 2001 for the social change in Armenian society. Having bright and motivated young members, they are always active and do their best to make Armenia a better place. Being actively involved in Armenian regions, it promotes regional development as well. The main vision of this beautiful initiative is to have society without violence, and they state “society where the country will be governed by people adherent to true democracy values, people who respect and promote gender equality, society where there will be no space for violence against women”. Their work on youth education, peace building  and public awareness is helping modern Armenian society to face modern challenges and overcome it with new achievements.

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Knowing Armenian culture, you could understand how important women’s role in development of Armenia is. There is a big hope in what SWV is doing  and inspiring the others to do.

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SWV skillful staff is doing their best to make our social reality better. Here are female heroes of modern Armenian society: Anna, Lida, Anush and Anna

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There are many active young people involved in SWV activities.

If you would like to join this beautiful group, make a difference in Armenia, become a volunteer in SWV 😉

Their website is here.