Being Awesome and Creative in Armenia

Armenia is a home for smart and creative ideas, the source of motivation and action, a place which naturally inspires for better circumstances and developments….

We always criticize our conditions, but if we look from a side , we might notice a lot of opportunities, new horizons. Our history is the the greatest witness of this. Just look back and see what we have passed through : Kingdoms’ destruction, loss of territories,revolutions, wars, genocide, earthquake..and thanks to God now we live in Independent Armenia . Isn’t it awesome?


But let me tell you about the other awesomeness 😉

Many of us know and are aware of international social projects, founds/ foundations which promote mutual support, autonomy, creative approaches in helping. There are so many beautiful initiatives which are also actively working in Armenia. One of these creative initiatives is the Awesome Foundation.


Since its  beginnings on 2009 in Boston, the Awesome Foundation has promoted sustainable worldwide ecosystem of awesomeness. Projects of the Foundation have included efforts in areas of technology, arts, social good, and beyond.

The awesomeness of Awesome Foundation is real in Armenia too. There is a group of brilliant change-makers who support the idea and activities in our land. It’s already a year that Armenian brench provides 1000 $ for the realisation of new and creative ideas in support of better changes in our society. Among these initiatives, supported by Yerevan brench, are the projects of ” Kite day”, “The mini festival of graffiti in Artsakh”, “Garbage yesterday – a souvenir today!”, “Guerrilla Gardening”, “Kind Refrigerator for Leftovers”, “ticcson bikes”, “Notable Science”, “Who Bought Yerevan in 1264?”, “Manufactory “,”Girls basketball team in Nerkin Karmiraghbyur”, “Public piano under the open sky”,  ”Before I die”‘ Wall, “public display / promotion of Ye Symbol  ”  /to know more about these projects you can visit :   /

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But my favorite on from these projects is the Kind Refrigerator for Leftovers”.

By the help of Foundation’s support the initiator of the project Marine Petrosyan obtained a fridge, which is installed at AEON anticafe. The refrigerator is placed there for collecting leftovers from big restaurants, cafes, bars, pubs, supermarkets and individuals for later delivery to the needy families . The logos of the supporting restaurants, supermarkets, cafes and pubs are also placed on the refrigerator showing the support and willingness of being a part of this awesome project. As says Marine “By doing this we will reduce the amount of quite normal food that is usually being recycled, we will create a new food culture in Yerevan and help people in need.” 

The idea is really very nice, it’s eco-friendly and aims to support people in need. So if you feel close to this idea, just feel free to join it and become a light for many people. A country is unique not because of it nature , but mostly for it’s people. It’s the people who create a culture, architecture, who keep the nature, make the stay there interesting: make it alive. And is in our culture it is used to be shoulder to shoulder in difficult situations, supporting and helping each other. It would be very exciting even for a foreigner to become a part of this big family where every member cares for the other family members.


Armenia is not just a beautiful place to visit, but a way of feeling, there is something special in the air here.