Caravan inside the needle

      A caravan of camels made of precious stones, placed in the eye of a sewing needle by Edward Ter Ghazarian the founder of miniature art.] The world renowned Armenian micro miniaturist Edward Ghazaryan is considered the founder of the unique art of micro miniature. In the 1950s the European press was abuzz about an Armenian man who claimed to create tiny works of art smaller than the eye of a needle. One German newspaper reader had his doubts and sent a letter of disbelief to the artist. Weeks later came the reply, hand-written on a human hair. Edward Ghazaryan has exposed his first invisible by the naked eye micro miniature works in Yerevan more than half a century ago. He created about 600 of such miniatures and granted many as tokens of friendship to prominent figures of foreign countries like Honaker, Queen of England Elizabeth II, Chrushev, Stalin, Janise Khaddar, Ho Shi Min, Rockefeller and many others.

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    His exhibitions have been shown around the world. In 1977 Eduard Kazaryan showed his work in Armenian pavilion of Soviet exhibition in Los-Angeles (USA). American visitors of exhibition called his works “the 8th world wonder”(Los Angeles Times Mon., Nov.21, 1977). As if this wasn’t enough, Edward also managed to create asynchronously moving micro sculptures that to date (over 30 years) have not been replicated. He demonstrated this for the first time in Moscow where a set of figures where performing a play inside a human hair. 


    Edward is a man of many phenomenal talents. Born in Yerevan he has received higher musical education and for many years was one of the leading musicians of the Philharmonic orchestra of Armenia. In addition to his micro-art and musical talents, Edward is an eminent violinist innovator, talented musical sculptor and an excellent caricaturist. His violins are owned by many prominent musicians. Each aspect of his life separately may serve as a biography of an outstanding artist, musician, doctor, ophthalmologist, cardiologist and a scientist. These are the many sides of Edward Ghazarian. The Camel Caravan inside the needle by Edward Ghazarian has been sold for €460000 at an auction in Cannes, France.