Childhood meanders !!! Fun and joy !

There was a time when you could see a lot of children playing on a yard with this strange but quite interesting thing, which we call «Hall» /humming  top/.

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It was really funny how boys were gathering outside and organizing small championships of humming  top. It is not an easy game , by the way, you need more concentration, right approach and many of these sweet children  were arguing of special skills. We had it at home too. It was very cute one made from special tree, which I don’t remember, but  the amusement of a play is still in my memories. Our sweet memories of childhood .

We were always playing it close to summer, and of course all the summer . Yeah, if we were staying in a city, we were going outside and playing all these games with the other children from the yard, sharing a lot of positive emotions and just enjoying summer holidays. ))

I wouldn’t say that it’s a game for children, cause many adults  were joining us, some of them kind a leading , the others were just waiting us to start playing with it and they were enjoying the process with us.


Of course this game has it’s story and some rules. Humming  top itself is a military game, but in Armenia I saw only children gathering all the others around  them to play it. It had strict rules. Even the material of humming  top was important, I don’t  kno how, but 12 year child could differentiate the good one.  Humming  top is generally made of the wood of  beech or  hornbeam, which must be dry and homogeneous as possible. The most important part of it is the length of the string. The string/ thread was  winding on the humming top, then we were throwing it on the land sideway, and it continued revolving on the ground, then we were taking it on our hand coast without stopping it revolving and if it continued revolving, then you could win )) I remember a boy who was revolving it on his coast very long, more than the others, and when I was asking him how he was doing that, he was always responding “ You’ll know it when you grow”.


I hadn’t yet revealed  his secret, but I would like to see more children playing on the yard with humming  top  and another staff like that.

It was very funny and innocent.

It was just our sweet childhood.