Do you need VISA to visit Armenia ?

Would you like to be the citizen of the world, to travel every country without any additional permits and payments, feel free to move wherever your mind blows OR you prefer to be bordered, have your private borders, regulate entries, differentiate people coming from different parts of the world?

Of course we have different approaches on this, for some of us borders are important, for some they seem to be limitations. However you think, it’s always good to travel 🙂

Armenia is small country, very hospitable, though it has some visa-requirements. So before coming to our wonderland, check if you need a visa or not .


If you are coming from the following countries, you will not need  a VISA, you are so called “very welcomed people in Armenia ” )) /kidding, it’s just a result of diplomatic relationships among our governments/:

1. Republic of Austria
2. Kingdom of Belgium
3. Republic of Bulgaria
4. Federal Republic of Germany
5. Kingdom of Denmark
6. Republic of Estonia
7. Republic of Ireland
8. Iceland
9. Kingdom of Spain
10. Republic of Italy
11. Republic of Latvia
12. Republic of Poland
13. The Principality of Liechtenstein
14. Republic of Lithuania
15. Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
16. Republic of Cyprus
17. Republic of Greece
18. Hungary
19. Republic of Malta
20. United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
21. The Netherlands
22. Kingdom of Norway
23. Kingdom of Sweden
24. Swiss Confederation
25. Czech Republic
26. Republic of Portugal
27. Republic of Romania
28. Slovak Republic
29. Republic of Slovenia
30. Republic of Finland
31. Republic of France
32. Republic of Croatia

And if you are not  a citizen of Sweden or Norway or any of the countries, mentioned above and you are a citizen or a holder of travel document of  another countries / check the info from , you will need an invitation to apply for the VISA. So start making friendships with armenian citizens 🙂


Happy to inform you that The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Armenia issues e-visas : you could check it by visiting : 

As it is mentioned in official webpage of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Armenian foreigners ca stay only 180 days. . Though it’s not a short time to discover this small land with it’s amazing beauty.

Here is the table of  The Republic of Armenia Visa Fee. Hope one day we will not have any limitations and charges for anyone, cause we believe that we all are sharing a world full of diversity and love.

Visa Type Fee
Visitor, single entry, up to 21 days of stay 3000 7 6 5
Visitor, single entry, up to 120 days of stay 15000 37 29 24
Visitor, multiple entries, up to 60 days of stay, validity up to 6 months 20000 50 39 31
Visitor, multiple entries, up to 120 days of stay, validity up to 1 year 40000 99 77 63
Official 0 0 0 0
Diplomatic 0 0 0 0
Transit, single entry 10000 25 19 16
Transit, multiple entries 18000 45 35 28
Children under 18 for all types of visas 0 0 0 0


(source )



And remember it’s not important you hold Official Visa, Diplomatic Visa or Transit Visa, we are always glad to have guests and meet new people 🙂 Enjoy your visits to Armenia !