Dilijan is a resort place for Armenians in Armenia. Many people visit this place in the summer time to avoid the heated temperature in the city center. Being said ‘Switzerland of Armenia’ by some people. Dilijan is one of the most recommended places to visit if you have time especially in the summer.

There are a lot of B&Bs, guesthouses and even resort hotels, which help develop this region as a center for tourism within the country whilst many people of culture such as composers, artists, and writers visited there in order to feel the fresh air to be creative by being away from their busy life during Soviet era.

The natural beauty of this place attracted many people by inspiring creative thoughts. The most noticeable nature around the town is the affluent oak and forests. In addition, splendid mountain and its rich soils make the land very gentle.

In the summer time, you can enjoy your visit there not by seeing the landscapes and nature but also communicating with the local villagers; some of them bring their cattle down from the pastures on the mountain and some go to the forests to gather mushrooms and herbs which will enrich the dishes you may be served at their home.

The architecture there is different from Yerevan, the capital city. Their style is based on tiled roofs and wooden beams, which would make you more creative and relaxed.