Gyumri is the second largest town and one of the most attractive towns in Armenia, which shows its architecture in Russian style and its unique street mad of cobbles.

Yet, Gyumri is known more to the world for its tragedy. In 1988, a disastrous earthquake occurred and destroyed many beautiful buildings full of essence of Armenia that had attracted many tourists to the town. These destroyed buildings can still be seen around the town while there has been an effort of reconstruction of historic architecture. The life of some people has just begun to get back to the normal after many years since the earthquake and you can see and feel the breath of the people who live happily and smiley nowadays.



This town should not still be ignored for your destination. One of the interesting things in this town is its architecture. Some of the architecture is distinctive to the majority of them you can see in the city of Yerevan or even other towns. They contains more authentic essence of ‘Armenians’ because they had been structured before the Soviet time. You may notice and enjoy the locals in Gyumri speaks with a different accent affected by western Armenian although it is questionable you would understand their ridiculous humor whose sense may often be too difficult for other people to understand. Culture-wise, Gyumri is famous as the city of crafts and arts and has produced popular Armenian poets and gusans. So, it is a great place to find out more about Armenian culture.


You should be careful if you plan to visit there in the early spring. The winter in Gyumri is longer than Yerevan. It usually lasts until April or May.


The town is located in the northern part of Armenia. The location is not too far from Yerevan even for daily trip; approximately 126 km away from Yerevan. It is a good idea to stop by there if you plan to travel from Yerevan to Tbilisi of Georgia. You will be treated well and find a decent priced hotels and restaurants with delicious dishes.