Tsaghkadzor (Tsakhkadzor), a small town, is recognized by Armenians as spa or health resort and even as sky resort in the winter time, which is located approximately 55 km north of Yerevan. It is on the southeastern slope of Mountains surrounded with alpine meadows.

Tsaghkadzor 2

Back to the Soviet times, Tsaghkadzor was a place for athletes to train for sport competitions such as winter Olympic game. As this history shows, you will enjoy skiing in this center for winter sports in this nation if you visit Armenia in the winter time. While this town will be one of the greatest and attractive places to chill out for many people in the weekend, you do not see the liveliness you can feel in the winter time during summer. Still, visiting Tsaghkadzor will give you a good value because you can stay in the hotel on much cheaper rates and enjoy its beautiful nature without worrying crowd.

Tsaghkadzor 3

In the town, there is the central square, from which you can also walk to the House of Writers and Kecharis Monastery that is still active for holy mass. You can ride on cable-car from the cable-car station which you can reach along the road from the Kecharis Monastery. The cable car runs daily during the quiet summer time too. It goes 6 km up to Mt. Tsaghkuniats from which you can enjoy skiing. The cost of cable-car for a sing way is AMD 1000. But the skiing facilities at the resort would not satisfy you if you are a sky expert and expect challenging slopes. Otherwise, it would be a good place to have fun in winter. It is recommended to rent ski equipment from the Hotel Kecharis. They provide better equipment than the cable-car station.

Tsaghkadzor 4

In summer, you can enjoy horse riding from Tsaghkadzor Sport Base and having a walk to chill out in the crowd-free forests around the town.