Yerevan is the capital city of Armenia, which is undeniably the center of culture, economy, and politics of the country. At the same time, it will make many people feel like a home once you visit there.

Yerevan cafe 2


People in Yerevan enjoy their time walking along with their peers up and down the main streets, preening in high fashion and stopping by a park-side café to have a chat over a couple of drink of coffee.

Yerevan is proud of its entertainment especially at night when Yerevanites stay outside with friends until midnight, which is a very common way for them to enjoy. There are some lovely 19th-century Russian edifices, parks and well-favored brick squares in its center. Also, there are dozens of theaters, concert halls, galleries, live music clubs where you can explore more about this city.]

Yerevan Opera House

You would be busy with visiting museums and monuments at first especially if it is your fist visit to Yerevan; yet, you will soon understand that the most attractive thing about Yerevan is the people. It would take you some time until you find it out but once you break the barrier, their hospitality is amazing. Their attractive feature, “expressive black eyebrows, proud noses and classical Greek and Persian profiles”will attract you soon.

Yerevan is such a nice place to visit as it is not only a relaxed and safe but also entertaining, attracting and full of fun with people. You can feel the air of mixture of its traditional and modern cultures in its very old city.

Yerevan street 5