Addresses: Tamanyan st.  1, Tumanyan st. 40, Yerevan

Working hours: 10:00 – 24:00

Type of Entertainment: Relax / Hung out with friends

This café is a pretty new one in Yerevan. It is located in downtown Yerevan, near to famous Cascade. It is very close to the other famous places of  Yerevan, such as Opera house, Swan Lake and Northern Avenue. The atmosphere is very unique. Its style is kind of a bland of vintage and modern.

It has three lounges, two of which are inside and one outside and the latter works only in summer and +early autumn. The peaceful atmosphere is accompanied by nice lounge music, which is sometimes shifted with other styles of music, which, too are relaxing. It’s basically universal place, you can have light breakfast and lunch, meet up with friends, have business meetings, spend an nice evening with your family and just stop by to enjoy a cup of tea, or coffee, when you pass by.

It is very close to the most of Yerevan’s famous universities and it’s a great place for students to do their homework after classes. Malocco offers variety of teas and coffees, different sandwiches, nice and delicious desserts, tasty pastas, various homemade soups, great alcoholic beverages, alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails.

During evening visits you can meet many Armenian celebrities. The visitors are mainly youngsters and it’s also very famous around tourists, whenever you go there, there are always foreigners. You are always a desired guest here. And the prices are affordable. So if you’re wondering where to spend a nice and calm evening you can just visit Malocco café.