Armenian Lavash

Unlike most other types of bread, Armenian Lavash doesn`t contain a yeast or traditional bread starter which makes Lavash healthier and suitable for almost any diet. Armenian lavash is a very thin bread that can be kept well in a dry place for a long time. Throughout the agesLavash has acquired the sacramental meaning, symbolizing life and wisdom. May be the history of Armenia made lavash more significant, as during many wars and migration it was the most suitable bread to take with. It’s multifunctional bread which serves as a plate, especially during barbecue parties outside the city, so don’t worry of no taking all those plastic staff with you, just be sure to take enough lavash. And barbicued lavash is the tastiest thing ever, when you take the meat from the fire with lavash and then it is ful of smell and taste of a fresh meet…

You can make sandwiches, wraps form lavash, use it in soups and just cover the food with it.

Lavash 4

Lavash is of an ancient origin and has not changed much over several thousand years. People saved the tradition of making lavash and continue doing it as simple as it is filing it with love of armenian land.