Dolma Armenia


1/2 kg of ground meat

2 cups of rice

1 white/red onion

50 g of tomato paste

parsley, coriander

seasoning you like

salt and paper

grape leaves/cabbage


We take the meat, add the rice, add the onion cut into small cubes, then add already cut parsley and coriander (these are optional), add the tomato paste, the seasonings, salt and paper and mix all of these thoroughly.

Then If you choose to make dolma with grape leaves you put them in water and boil for about 15-20 minutes. If you want to make it with cabbage , you again put it in water and boil it just a little bit, so that its leaves become just a bit flexible, enough to roll them.

So, after we have the grape leaves/cabbage ready to use, we take the meat mixture, take a table spoon of it and put on the leaf(grape or cabbage). Then start making accurate rolls(bend the sides of the leaf to the middle and start rolling from the bottom to the top).

After we are done with making the rolls we place them into a big pot, where we initially put either some grape leaves or cabbage(depending on which dolma we are making). After carefully placing all the rolls in the pot we add water (so that it covers almost all of the rolls), put tomato cut into small slices on the top, then we put a plate on top of all of it (so that the rolls don’t undo themselves).

We keep it on the fire for about 40 minutes to 1 hour(depending on how strong the fire is), when it starts smelling nice, we take one to try whether the meat inside is cooked. If it is, we put the rolls on the plate and serve it hot.

P.S if dolma is with grape leaves, you can serve it with plain yogurt on the top.

The result is this:

With cabbage                                                                                        With grape leaves

Armenian Dolma                                   Armenian_dolmagrape