Armenian cuisine is full of heavy food which are difficult to digest sometimes, but it is all well thought of. Armenians usually drink Tan with whatever they eat. Tan is made of matsoun (plain yogurt). It is really easy to make.


Plain Yogurt-50-60g

Cold Water

Sour Cream-1 table spoon



We take a bowl or a carafe where we want to serve the drink. We put the plain yogurt and start mixing it well with a spoon. After we have a more or less homogeneous mass, we add half a cup of cold water, and again mix all together well. Here comes the time for my grandma’s secret ingredient- 1 table spoon of sour cream to the mass (it will give wonderful taste to the tan). So after we have all it mixed well we start pouring in cold water ( the water should be two times the plain yogurt).  Then at the end salt it to your taste, as much as you like it. AND IT’S READY.

Simple as it is. This drink will be the best choice for the hot summer and for the heavy food you just ate.