Fried Egg Plant

Fried Eggplant the Armenian way is delicious. It definitely is my favorite dish. It is simple to make and is super healthy. Let’s get down to business 😉


2-3 eggplants


garlic/garlic powder (optional)


Preparation: So,  heat the pan and add the oil (about 1cm of it in the pan). Depending on the shape of the eggplant you can cut it the way you want: in circles, in small cubes, etc. After you have the eggplant cut, put the pieces in the pan and start frying them. Here comes the secret part. After the pieces are fried, take them out and put them on a plate covered with paper towels (paper towel will absorb the unnecessary oil from the eggplant). Repeat this with all of the pieces you have left.


After it all is done, put the eggplants on a nice plate, put a little cut garlic or just garlic powder on it if you want, and serve it. Salt and pepper to your taste.

The dish can be served both hot and cold. Decorate the plate with some greens.


There you go. Isn’t it simple?

Enjoy your meal 😉