Raw potatoes

This is a light barbecue version for you to make. It is not too heavy and is super easy to make.



Aluminum foil

salt, pepper

Salty cheese (optional)



You take each potato and fold it in the aluminum foil tightly, so that there are no open parts of potato,just like in the picture above. Then you make a fire; it may be outside with woods or it may be right on your stove. You put the potatoes in the foils and on the open fire (don’t worry it won’t burn). After some 20-25 minutes, the potatoes should be ready. You get them out of the fire, put aside for a little bit for it to cool down and take the foil off and finally put salt on it.

To give Armenian touch to this dish you just need to serve slices of salty cheese with it, potatoes become delicious and super good in combination with the cheese..

This is a dish super easy to make, and won’t take too long to cook.

Enjoy your meal