string bean1

String Beans are one of Armenians most favorite dishes, especially when they are boiled. It is really easy to make one. Just follow the simple steps and you will have an easy-making great dish.


1 kg of string beans

1 egg




plain yogurt(optional)

garlic/garlic powder(optional)

salt, pepper


We take the beans, clean out the tips by just cutting them. Then we cut the beans into small pieces (the size you find the most comfortable for you). We take the pot in which we are going to cook it, we put the beans in it and add water just enough to cover half of the beans. Then we let it boil until all water steams.

After the beans are boiled and their color is just a little transparent, we take a few table spoons of oil, add it to the beans, mix it all well. We take the egg, mix it in another bowl, and then slowly add to the beans, mixing it all the time, until the egg is cooked too.

Then you can add already cut parsley, or you can just skip this step.

string bean

We serve it hot, and with plain yogurt. You can also add some garlic cut small, or just garlic powder to the plain yogurt.

Enjoy your meal