This salad is so east to make. It will become your favorite especially during summer with fresh vegetables available. Just follow the simple instructions.


two-three cucumber

one-two big tomatoes

1 red/white onion(optional)


one green pepper(optional)


salt, pepper

mayonnaise/sour cream (optional)


We take the cucumbers, slice them into two, and start cutting into pieces(size may vary).  Then we cut the tomatoes approximately the same sized pieces. You can cut the green pepper with them too if you like it.

The onion has to be sliced into long slices or into circles. Then we add the greens cut into small pieces, add the oil, salt and pepper and mix it all well. If you want your salad to have less calories then skip the mayonnaise or sour cream, but if you want you can add them at the end, and serve right away.

As you can see it is pretty easy to make, you can also add your own variations to it.

We would be glad to hear your receipt of this salad.

Enjoy your meal.