Yogurt soup, aka Spas(spahs), plays a huge role in Armenian cuisine. Our grandmas and even their grandmas have been cooking it, and its receipt has gone from generation to generation and is still alive. I remember when I was a child my favorite dish was the yogurt soup and especially the one my grandma would make. So, whenever I talk about this soup I immediately recall my childhood and the sweet memories.

Spas is a hot soup/dish usually served in winters and is not very difficult to make. Here are the simple steps for it:


2 cups hulled wheat

3 cups plain yogurt

1.5 l water

2 eggs

200 g strained plain yogurt (optional)

2 tablespoons sour cream

2 tablespoons flour

about 150 g green mint (either dried or fresh)



First start off by cooking the wheat, but don’t cook it well, leave it half cooked, as it will boil with the rest of the products after we add them all. Pour some 3 cups of water on it and as already said start to cook it. After the water starts boiling keep the wheat on a not too strong fire for 10 mins. Afterwards strain the wheat, remove all of the water from it. And then mix together the eggs, the strained yogurt, flour and the sour cream, in the same pot where the wheat is already half-cooked. Mix it all well until it has the consistency of a sour cream. After we add to this the plain yogurt and keep on mixing. Start adding water slowly, step by step, as you add mix it well, so that the yogurt does not get “cut” as we call it(so that it does not turn into little white balls). After all the water has been added, you need to keep on mixing until the soup starts boiling. Be careful and don’t miss this step otherwise your soup will not be very pleasant to taste, keep on mixing until it boils. After boiling you will see the wheat opening up. This is when you should add the mint cut very small. Add salt to your taste.

And it is ready. I usually serve it hot in a clay dish with a wooden spoon, because it brings up the best taste of the soup.


So, the sweet memories are back again.

Enjoy your meal…