Amberd Fortress

Amberd, a tall fortress complex, was built in 7th century and is located approximately 2,300 meters above sea level. It is situated on the slopes of Mt Aragats, between 2 streams and 6.4 km away from the village of Byurakan in the province of Aragatsotn, Armenia. The slopes where Amberd is located has virtually never inhibited to date while there can be seen some shepherds and beekeepers in some cases.

Amberd 1

According to some historical sources, it is believed that then kings often visited and stayed in this place during summer as a summer, enjoying being away from the crowded capital of then kingdoms. In contract, it started to be used as a military base by Seljuq Turks as a result of their invasion in 1070s. Amberd turned again to be under control of Armenians in 1197 when Georgians and Armenians liberated the fortress together as operating a joint-army, which brought about reinforcement and renovation of the structures of the castle subsequently. However again, in 1236, it was invaded by the Mongols and they destroyed it.


Since the destruction, it was kept abandoned until the 20th century but it started to be reconstructed then. Currently, it is one of the best spots to relax for your excursion by bringing lunch (no restaurants around there!) with your friends. Also, it can satisfy those having archeological interests. The exterior of the fortress is so splendid and powerful that you can feel the rich history of the ancient Armenian nations and people.



Amberd Rd, Armenia

*It takes 30-40 minutes by drive.